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Happiness - Your Purpose In Life

Rory Singh

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We live in the information age which is a glorious time to be alive. The world is filled with so much abundance but yet there are so many people that choose to be unhappy.

Happiness really is a choice & people who are in a bitter state really don't like to hear that.

When you are down it seems like the whole world is against you. Anything that could possibly go wrong does. When you are constantly focused on how bad everything is then it keeps getting worse. If you think that if couldn't possible get worse, it somehow does.

The only way that you can turn your life or cycle around is to focus on something that gives you joy. Turn on some music that you like & instantly you will start to feel better. Try smiling to yourself while looking in the mirror & you will feel a little better. If there is a child that you love go & spend some time with them. If you have a dog, cat or some other animal friend that you love then spend some time with them. If washing your car feels good then go & do that.

If you really want a way to true happiness & bliss then think about the things that make you feel really good. You can never find happiness by focusing constantly on negative issues (anything that you are worried about). Worrying is like planning your future.

If you have a court case that you are worried about then concentrate on what you want to happen in your favour instead of what can go wrong.

If you are getting evicted from your property in two weeks you can still some how magically turn it around. Don't focus on being evicted. Instead focus on knowing somehow that things will turn around & expect that you will find a way.

If you lost $150,000 in the stock market focus on prosperity & not the lack of it.

What ever it is that may be bringing you down can be turned around if you really try harder to think about happy thoughts.

This will not be easy at first but if you really want happiness in your life then you will have to master the art of feeling good.

If you have lost a loved one you can not bring them back to life but what you need to know is that they are still alive. They are spirit & so are you. A spirit is something that can not die. It goes on for ever. The only thing that can make you feel good at this point is to feel what you are going through. If you feel like crying then cry as much as you want to. Maybe some people may want you to let go of your grief but at this point the only thing that could make you feel better is to feel bad. If you are in this position then embrace your feelings.

You are a spiritual being & it is time to remember who you really are. The quickest way to happiness is to stop & be grateful for whatever you have or had.

Happiness, Peace & Joy are your God given rights.

You are here on this planet only to find your bliss & only you can lead your self to where ever it is that you want to go.

Follow your bliss & keep finding a better feeling.

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Great Life - How To Go From A Life Of Misery To A Life Of Purpose
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