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Authenticity - Living Life in Harmony With Our True Inner Self

Elias Scultori

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If we had a poll today asking people if they lived their lives authentically, I am almost certain we would get a very positive answer from the majority of the interviewees. I want to believe that most people live their lives acting and performing in the best of their abilities. They work hard. Most of the time they tell the truth. They respect each other. And they try to make connections that are lasting and fulfilling.

But is this true authenticity? The English dictionary says that authenticity means “the genuineness or truth of something. " When we read this and haphazardly apply to our daily routines, I believe most people would say they live lives that are authentic and that they act with authenticity. Most people would say they are sincere, genuine and that they act with truth.

But let's go a little deeper. What are your true desires? What are the things that you long for the most? What is it that you truly believe in? Where does your heart reside? What is it that you really, really want for your life today? Who are you?

You see, most of the time we live our lives doing the things the way we were taught to live. We go about making choices, making decisions based on what people have told us would be the best for us or on what they expect of us. And we never really, truly questioned them to find out if they are in agreement with our own true selves, with who we really are. The result of this is that we end up dissatisfied, annoyed, perhaps angry, frustrated and sometimes even depressed and hopeless. We accommodate and life becomes uninteresting. And we go about blaming others, blaming our family, blaming our government, politicians and even blaming God.

A true authentic life is the one that is in synchronicity with our core values. A true authentic life is the one that ticks flawlessly together with our heart. Do you know what that is? Do you live in that place? What would take for you to discover this?

This is no simple task. We are constantly bombarded by society's wishes and demands that we often relinquish ourselves to them. In the process we lose focus and forget the longings of our soul. But we can reclaim our space. Everyday we must tune in, call for our internal voice and listen. Everyday, at the moment of every decision and every action we must ask ourselves if that is authentic for us, if that is genuine and true, not according to anyone else, but solely to us. Then we will be living a true authentic life.

This is a path that takes courage and determination, but that is rewarding and satisfying. We can do this. Start today!

Elias Scultori is a professional life coach. His practice and speaking engagements expand across the country and abroad. His focus is on helping his clients remove barriers, unearth their talents and true desires so they can build a personal and/or professional life journey that is full, rewarding and authentic. Elias was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and presently lives in Princeton, NJ. To find out more go to


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Living a Responsible Life and Right Living
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