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Achieving and Sustaining Personal Happiness

Gerry Hopman

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We live in a world that believes in postponing happiness, exemplified by the following statements:

I will be happy when I make $ 100,000 a year, I will be happy when I get my dream house, I will be happy when I have enough money to quit my job

Happiness isn't associated with wealth and riches. In my travels to different parts of the world, I found that the happiest people were often the poorest. They were thankful for the little they had and were free of worries, stress and anxiety.

Many of us believe that health and happiness are the most important things in our lives. As parents, we wish for health and happiness for our children. There is no denying that the two are closely connected to one another. Unless you have good health, happiness is not fulfilled

Happiness may mean different things to different people. Certain people receive happiness from hard work, while others can be totally fulfilled sitting by a stream with a fishing rod.

It proves that we are all unique and that we function at different levels of personal satisfaction. There are some things I like to share with you that if practiced will make most of us happier.

12 ways to increase personal happiness

Practice laughing every day. Remember, if you don't use it, you're liable to lose it.

Practice smiling every day. Your smile is your personal signature. It helps putting you in a happier frame of mind, as well as stimulating those around you to smile back.

Figure out what makes you happy and laugh. Make a list of things that trigger happiness and laughter for you. Keep the list handy and consult it when needed.

Hang out with happy people who enjoy laughing and can make you laugh. Happiness and laughter are contagious, so be sure to catch the wave.

Plan ‘fum’ and ‘play’ in your day-timer, or on your calendar. Don't plan work and busy times only. If you don't plan for fun and play, it won't happen.

Be kind to yourself. Don't use up all your available time without any breaks. Learn to say ‘No’ once in a while. Believe me the universe will continue even when you stop once in a while.

Learn to laugh at yourself and your mistakes. The world accommodates for mistakes by putting erasers on pencils, with ‘white-out', and of course the ‘back spacer’ on your computer.

Look for humor around you, bumper stickers, funny signs, blooper ads. Become a ‘humor spotter. '

Share your embarrassing experience with others. What was totally devastating at the time can become hilarious after the fact.

Recall some of the funny things that happened to you at the end of the day. Write them down and look them up when you're feeling down in order to give you a lift.

Don't be afraid to do something silly once in a while. Let the child, the clown escape from within and have some fun.

Practice optimism, because optimists are more successful and happier in life.

For more information on how powerful humor, laughter, joy and happiness are, visit Gerry's web site at:

Gerry Hopman is Humorist, Humor Motivational Speaker and Author. He believes that humor is essential to balance in life and career. To sign up for his FREE monthly newsletter, “The Humormeister's Forum" go to his web site now and sign up.


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