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Happiness Stories That Change Minds and Improve Moods


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Throughout time, stories have had the power to capture our imaginations and to lead us to change and feel better. Please read each ALL of each story in order for you too, to start to feel better.

*The boy went to the store. He had a list of things he was supposed to get. He sort of got the feeling he was not all that welcomed by his family and often was given tasks to do that got him out of the house. Some of friends spoke of their homes, yet for him it felt just like a house. It kept him warm and dry, yet did not really make him feel safe or secure. There was a lot on his mind and so as he walked he was deep in thought and started to wonder and so he started to wander. It was getting DARK. . .

*Speaking of dark. There once was a girl who was afraid of the dark and all the hidden mysteries. She grew up very lonely and isolated and felt as if she had no friends. She had long ago realized that she could not always depend on others because they had so often let her down. She liked to go exploring on her own and pass the long hours that way. Somehow it felt less lonely when she was by herself and she felt more and more comfortable this way. One day she wandered further from her usual places and it was nearing DARK and with a sudden breath she realized where she was. A chill ran down her spineas she looked around and noticed her SURROUNDINGS. . .

*There once was a young man who was dating a young woman who seemed to be totally different from himself. He liked certain things a certain way and his family did too. They were comfortable with certain things a certain way and liked to familiar with their surroundings. She, on the other hand, preferred DARK chocolate, deep roasted dark coffee and her skin and hair were also dark. His family had always been early risers and had gone to bed with the setting sun.

She, however enjoyed staying out late into the night and exploring different surroundings and said she felt most comfortable that way. She loved to dance in the moon light. To her it felt as if it was easier to enjoy the peace and quiet because people and their loud judgmental thoughts were quiet and asleep. She felt more like she belonged. She felt more comfortable and accepted by the man and he often stayed out late with her and at other times he slept with the setting sun and awoke early with the sun rise. He felt most alive when the sun was at his back and he was working hard. Then one day his family insisted that they meet his girlfriend for lunch. . .

*The dog would simply not come in no matter how much the boy begged or pleaded. If he resorted to force, the poor dog cried and yelped and finally the boy sighed and put his hand out and the dog came crawling over and licked him. The boy pet the dog and said goodnight and the dog looked at the boy with a mixture of love and fear. The poor dog had been abused and then abandoned. The boy had found the poor dog in the woods. The boy loved to explore in the deep, DARK woods and liked to hang out with his friends during the day, too. A nasty neighbor a few streets away had a bunch of dogs and mistreatedhis wife and kids, along with his abused pets. The boy asked his dad if there was something he could do because he went to school with the little girl and saw that she was always crying and often bruised. His father told him that it was complicated and they really should not get involved.

Once the fighting got so bad they did call the police yet in a few days things went back to normal chaos. When the poor, frightened and bloody dog looked at the boy from where it lay by the side of the road, the boy ran to it and felt the need to do something. He took off his jacket and cradled the small shaking dog and spoke softly to it while taking it home with him. However, even after cleaning and bandaging the dogs wounds and feeding him food and giving him water, the dog refused to go inside the house. It had more fear of what is inside! It feared being locked inside more than the abuse it had already suffered. He was still just a young boy and could not save the little girl down the street or save the world, yet he felt good saving the dog. The next day the boy went with his father and they got a small dog house and the dog seemed to like that very much and there eventually seemed to be more love than fear in his sad canine eyes. Then one DARK night, the nasty neighbor came by the house and knocked loudly on their door. . .

**SURROUNDINGS can make a big difference in the way people feel. You may have noticed how some places feel fine during the light of day and yet at night the DARKNESS brings out apprehension and tension and worry. Other people feel more relaxed and calm during the quiet of the deep, dark night when there are fewer people and no spotlights of judgmental eyes. Why are those eyes judgmental, you may wonder? They may have become comfortable with themselves and the shadows of their personalities. However, they have yet to face the shadows of other people. They may be extra aware and sensitive and have yet to learn to control this ability. While others distract themselves from who they really are and hide in the light of day and fear the dark and the shadows. Very few people are able to embrace both the light and the dark, to feel comfortable in the night and day, to feel comfortable by themselves or with others, whether in doors or out. To be accepting of themselves and others, while having standards and living by their standards. . .

So what happens to the little boy on his way to the grocery store? Does the little girl find something in the darkness? What about the fate of the young woman and her boyfriend? And what happens to the poor dog and the boy who rescued him? Do they get to keep the dog? What happens next?

**The father answered the door with his brave son standing beside him. They were prepared for anything and the mother was by the phone ready to call the police if that became necessary. The nasty neighbor looked inside for what seemed to be the very first time he had looked deep inside. The neighbor was surprised to see that the interior of their home looked so much nicer and more comfortable than his own. Then he shook his head and shook off the momentary feeling of calm that he felt in this place and put his mean glare on his face again. Had he grown so used to feeling uncomfortable with himself and everyone else that feeling comfortable was too unfamiliar for him to even enjoy? He wondered.

"I hear you have my dog. " Thoughts raced through their minds. What does this all mean?

After a long talk the neighbor went from mean to meaner to more calm to feeling sad and ashamed and then starting to feel a bit more relaxed. He practically kept his whole family on a leash it seemed because he feared that otherwise they would run away because no one really stayed with him long. He started to realize that he had been intimidating them in an attempt to get the respect and understanding and love that he so deeply craved. When he beat them it was him lashing out at having been beaten as a child. Rather than be the victim, he became the abuser. Now he realized that he was still a victim! He was locked inside this awful pattern and needed to find a way out. He had abused himself and his family for so long that he eventually became ill. However, he started to treat himself and his family better and when he did die he was actually loved and missed. He had worked hard to make up for his earlier years and was able to live to his fullest in his final years. The boy grew up with the dog who healed and got bigger and healthier and much, much happier. And although he always did prefer the freedom of being outside, he even got used to exploring inside the home and started to like sleeping at the foot of the boys bed, where he also felt he belonged.

**The young woman pleaded with her boyfriend to make some excuse. She did not want to meet his family for lunch. She begged him to come run away with her. She screamed at him when he took her by the hand and assured her that everything would be al. She had heard this before and she trusted very few people and now she may have to run again and lose out on being with this man whom she had fallen for. She fought her old fears of criticism and judgment and looked up at the moon and pleaded to be accepted by the bright sun of the day and the mans family. The day of their lunch the family was divided. Some were curious and some were hopeful, while others were already rehearsing how to talk their boy out of seeing this woman again. She was just too different from him and too different from them and she just did not belong.

As they ate and spoke with one another, the man did his best to keep things from becoming a awful game of 20 questions or an interrogation. He held her hand some of the time and his leg kept in contact with hers as they sat together and ate. She was trembling with apprehension and tension and yet she felt his calming energy and love, too. Between him and her and those of his family that were more open and accepting, they were able to quiet down the judgmental criticisms and get those parts of the family to mind their own business. Their relationship flourished and the passion continued to grow stronger. And although it was not always perfect harmony, there was a kind of pattern like the weather moving from calmness to storminess to paradise every so often and then a return to this balance of love and acceptance. The night had its time and the day had its time, too and they learned to share in a fairly balanced way. When the sun grew tired during the day and felt the need to nap, the moon gladly came out to play and took its place in the darkening sky. And then they exchanged places again. So on and so forth. There was a place for everything and everything in its place.

**The little girl was right at the edge of the witches house. No one liked this old lady who seemed to grow all kinds of plants in her back yard and left the rest of her yard lead into a dense forest that her family had owned for generations. She was old and lived alone and most of the neighborhood feared her and said she had powers. She could make things happen and create powerful changes. Some people are afraid of anything or anyone that can actually make a difference, while others realize the positive potential of being able to make things happen. As the little girl breathed and calmed her nerves she walked quietly back where she had come. And then she heard it. The voice. Power lay in that voice and at once her breathing came faster and her nerves made her shake. She could not move! “It's ok. You can come in and warm yourself by the fire if you like. " The little girl still was afraid and thought of all the stories and fairy tales she had read. “You can leave if you like, little girl. You are welcomed to stay for a bit.

I would like the company. " The voice held power and yet there was a soothing warmth there, as well. “I could fix you some tea for your nerves or you can have some milk and cookies. " The old woman continued. “Milk and cookies reminds me of my children and today I miss them a lot. " The girls curiosity got the better of her fears and she asked. “Your children? What happened to them?" “Well, most of them moved away to the big city because there are few jobs here in town. I help those few who understand about medicinal herbs and plants and alternative healing. Plus I am an old woman with few needs. My young ones wanted to explore and find themselves and that is healthy and normal. " “Do they visit you?" The little girl asked. “Sure, they visit from time to time and I have tons of pictures and letters from them, too. Still, today I just miss them and decided on some milk and cookies while I look through my photo albums. "

The little girl leaned closer and took a step closer. “Come on in and sit with me and we can look at the pictures together. " The old woman smiled as she opened the door and let the girl follow her to the chairs near the fire place. The room was made of mostly dark wood and had a very calm and cozy feel to it. The lights were dim and the fire light danced in the fire place and gave the place a nice feeling and a nice scent of burning wood. They sat side by side, drinking milk and eating cookies and looking at pictures of the past up to the present and talking about the now and even the future. . . After a while, the girl felt so much better and realized that as she looked out at the dark night she was no longer afraid. She would be cautious and yet curious without excessive fear. Her imagination could help her instead of getting in her way.

She could think of possibilities instead of dreading the unknown. She would trust her instincts more instead of listening to small minds that feared anything or anyone different. She had always felt a bit different and was treated that way. Now she found that being different was not so bad and that regardless of where she was she deserved to be treated with respect and that she belonged. The more she felt that she belonged, the better people treated her because she was treating herself better. The world can be like a mirror and how we treat ourselves is the way most people will treat us. She realized that it all starts with yourself. . .

**It was DARK and so the boy jogged a bit faster and got the items on his grocery list and got himself a treat with the extra change left over. As he walked back home he realized that the difference between a house and a home had all to do with the people living in it. He was just a boy and could not change people or change the world, yet he could start with changing himself. He made himself a promise to make himself feel welcomed whether anyone else was around or whether he was alone. He noticed how the homes of his friends felt and he took that same feeling of security, warmth, belonging and acceptance and worked on feeling that way where ever he went. So when he returned to his house it already felt a bit more like home. He realized he had some control over how he felt. And home can be a good feeling.

Michael Twomey is a Success Coach and Professional Hypnotist in NYC. He has helped many people to change their habits, beliefs and improve their lives. Through Hypnosis, NLP, Shamanic energy work and stories he helps people to enjoy their lives more. He lives with his beautiful, loving and talented wife, Maggie in NYC.


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