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Play is Good!


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"The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play. "

- James T. Kirk

I've always loved the above quote from the Trek Classic© episode “Shore Leave. " I love the fact that Spock agrees with it. (Otherwise he'd have to give up his chess games!) And I've always found it true (and you might too) that the people I instantly find myself liking, the ones I enjoy spending time with, are the ones that have never forgotten this principle.

Others have, though. There are people on this planet that decided at some point that they were adults now, and that all of that play stuff was childish and time wasting, thank you, and that they would have no more of it. Nor should anyone around them. Maybe they're not good at it; maybe they refuse to look anything but dignified. But maybe they've just forgotten (easy to do today, when you're so busy getting to work to pay your bills to have the stuff you need to get to work to . . . ). Here are some things to you can use to remind them.

In her article “The Top 10 Benefits of Play" [1] Marianne St. Clair lists 10 reasons to give Mr. Adult for not swinging to his point of view, or Mrs. Grundy if she decides that you need to stop:

  1. Play can Inspire you to think Differently
  2. Play can bring Greater Joy into your Life
  3. Play is known to Reduce Stress
  4. Play on a regular basis can Increase Longevity
  5. Play can reduce Struggle, Conflict, and Worry
  6. Play can increase your Sense of Lightness
  7. Play can stimulate the Imagination, Curiosity, and Creativity
  8. Play reduces the risk of Hypertension and Decreases Depression
  9. Play can greatly Enhance your Energy Levels
  10. Play can provide you with an Opportunity to Take Risks

She provides good explanations for all of these; I recommend you take a few moments and go read them. (I really enjoyed this article. In fact, when I first read it I was pretty miffed - she wrote the article I wanted to write!)

So, here's the message: Play is a Good Thing - Do More of It!!

Here are some suggestions, from “The Crucial Health Value of Play . . . for Kids AND Adults" at [2]:

  • Calling a friend for a chat
  • Putting on some music and dancing
  • Going for a walk
  • Drawing or painting a picture, or making something out of clay
  • Doing something you enjoyed as a kid (carving a pumpkin for Halloween, for instance)
  • Playing a board game
  • Singing a song
  • Playing with your pets
  • Daydreaming
  • Writing something (a poem, a note to your spouse, a letter)

Basically, it boils down to this: spend a little time every day, or as often as possible, to play. Even if it's for five minutes. You'll feel better for it, you'll do better for it, and you'll find yourself expanding because of it. Play! If you need an excuse, buy a new toy, visit a friend with a game in your bag, go for a walk to daydream and call it exercise. Play! Even if it's only in your own head. Come on, you know you'll like it. Play!


  1. This article can be found at
  2. This article can be found at

Linda Wolffe is into too many things to list here, from fantasy and science fiction to self-improvement and comparative metaphysics. Her current project is a collection of resources and unusual toys for unusual people, She appreciates constructive suggestions.


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