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Happiness in My Eyes


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Happiness is something all of us keep pursuing all our lives, searching for that moment which we call our true happiness. I saw a movie called INTO THE WILD, where a man says true happiness is real, only when shared. If you ask me I think he is right, because when we lie on our death beds waiting to die, the only thing that gives us happiness is thinking about the ones you love and how you could make a difference to their lives. but I see that happiness is an idealistic concept in today's world where we try to tell ourselves that we are happy just for the sake of it so that we are able to focus on the things we can do.

Happiness is indeed something all of us pursue. We tell ourselves that we are happy because we think our lives are better than the other person in some way or the other. Everyone says we cant get everything we want. So we tell ourselves to be satisfied with what we have. Then there are some who believe they can make their own destiny and create their own happiness. Everybody wants some pleasure, mostly materialistic things and that is true if happiness stays only for a few moments. But materialistic things are limited so it's definitely not something to pursue.

If you ask anybody why are they struggling to make so much money they would say we have a family to take care of, but are they really making all this money for the family or for themselves? Its a question you have to ask yourself. Seeing your child being given all the comforts makes you happy, but if giving comforts is the real purpose of happiness then why is that its only through struggle that we achieve, what we want to achieve.

Only struggle gets you to happiness. I feel happiness is like love, you don't pursue it, it has to just happen. It's that one moment when you forget about everything and just know that, you are your complete self and when you are your complete self truthfully then you are happy. When you are away from reasoning, but follow your instincts which though might seem wrong gives you some kind of happiness in some way. Another reason for finding happiness is that you need to understand pain, its only through pain and struggle do you feel true happiness.

My happiness is my love, the struggle, the pain, the tears, the joy. My love for her, everything about her, means so much to me that is what makes me smile and cry. it helps me keep moving forward and then I suddenly just fall apart on one day that I wish I was with her. That one day, when I break down and the day after that, I realize that is when I love her the most. I wish, I could take her in my arms, caress her hair, kiss her forehead and put her to sleep. The sight of her sleeping seems to give me a kind of joy that makes you feel that in spite of all the problems around her, for some time is sleeping in peace, but that is not what I pray for her. She should have all the happiness she can get in every way.

Some people feel they don't deserve the love of others and would just like to be left alone, left to their own thoughts. Thoughts which are difficult for somebody like me to understand. I always believe in the strength of love. She is like that, someone who feels she doesn't deserve anybody's love. It's understandable for her to be like that with all her problems, but oh dear I would like to say that if you didn't deserve love then none of us deserve it either. Love is something we are born in this world for, something that we don't pursue, but it finds us. In my life, I have found true happiness only through love. Might be there are different ways for others to be happy, but my happiness is my love which I have put aside only for her and which I would share with her.

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