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The Miracle Of Your Mind


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Our mind's are like a computer which if only we could command it would produce from within us the ability to perform to a standard we now think unattainable

All we ask it to do are only menial tasks, like tie my shoes, turn on the TV etc. We waste lifes opportunities by closing the door on our own problem-solving, idea producing genie of imagination. We do this because we are afraid to take an independent path and because of what the rest of our friends will think of us. The retention part of our computer stores millions of bits of information, knowledge and experience. These act as wings for our imagination to Soar.

In man's eternal quest for new ideas Eintein said " imagination is more important than knowledge"
Our inability to solve problems is more likely to be due to lack of imagination rather than a lack of knowledge or judgment.

Creativity can be developed by reducing the mental blocks.

These are,

1) Unawareness of our gift of creative potential.

2) Failure to realize that we can develop this creative potential.

3) Unwillingness to try.

Our ego creates a block on these activities for fear of looking foolish or being rejected by our circle of friends but even the turtle knows that he can't progress without sticking his neck out. Don't mistake activity for accomplishment. If you really want to get somewhere, decide where you want to go. Once you have decided your mind is your key that will create imaginative ideas on getting there.

Scientists tell us only 10% of our mental capacity is normally what we use. Successful people are not people without problems they are people who have learned to solve their problems.
In the last 50 years we have progressed more than in the previous 1000 years.
90 percent of all famous scientists are still alive today

To summarize, what you are and what you have is derived from 10% of our mental ability
We all have a vast reservoir of untapped potential.

In the course of the year there are 8760 hours, if we allow eight hours a day for sleeping, we are left with 2920 hours and if we only spend 1912 actually working, this leaves almost 4000 when we are neither working or sleeping. This is the vast reservoir of untapped potential with which we can improve our mental or physical abilities.

You should take one hour a day, five days a week opening your mind to creative ways of improving who and what you are.

Exercise is vital to the mind as exercise is to the body.

You can help people most in this world by making the most of yourself.

Don has over 25 years experience in sales and sales-management in the advertising and Insurance industries. He is a highly successful and motivated entrepreneur now retired but involved in coaching salespeople through articles, talks and his website which will be the basis of the training course he is developing. Hobbies include, woodwork, hypnotherapy and coaching salesmanship and self development.


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