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Notice What's Right


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Some of us see the glass as being half-full, while others see the glass as half-empty. This expression goes straight to the heart of the power of positive thinking and taking the time to Notice What’s Right.

Consider the people who you know for a moment. The ones who are excited about their lives, their relationships and their future seem to thrive and get more of what they are excited and happy about while others tend to plod through life in a “Sad Sack” type of mentality. “If you focus on what’s wrong, you will not experience joy. You will experience discouragement, depression and low self-esteem, ” explains M. J. Ryan, author of 365 Health and Happiness Boosters. “But when you focus on what’s right about a situation – the exact same situation – you are increasing the possibility you will experience joy and high happiness. ”

We have a family friend; let’s just call her “Sue. ” Sue has spent most of her life living in the negative. She is always complaining about being sick and draws little pleasure from her life. Sue moves from one aliment or crisis to another and sees everything in her world as negative. Now in her late 60s, Sue has had two mastectomies, three failed marriages and is completely dependent on the financial support of her children. The negative energy she has tapped into for a lifetime has drained her and has left her void of any measure of joy, or happiness.

On the other hand, we have been fortunate to know people who do take the time to Notice What’s Right. My brother, Eric, is the ultimate optimist. After a tragic accident left him an amputee at 8-years-old, he forged on with his life and elected to see the world as a very good place to live. Although somewhat disadvantaged and handicapped, Eric has never stopped to feel sorry for himself. For him, the glass being half-full means he never has to stand in line at an amusement park to ride an attraction. He carries this same attitude to every circumstance he faces. And you what? In spite of missing a leg, he is a very, very happy person.

Take the time to begin to Notice What’s Right and see the world change in front of your eyes. The next time you are caught in traffic, begin thinking how nice it is to have a few moments to reflect on the day, focus on a problem you have been trying to solve, or brainstorm on your next big idea. The next time you get in the slow line at the grocery store, take the opportunity to pick up a tabloid magazine and do some “guilty pleasure” reading. Take all that life throws out you and reframe it with what’s right about the situation. At the end of the day, you will more content, at peace and happy.

Alex Blackwell is the author of The Next 45 Years - a website dedicated to sharing and creating happiness, life balance and success for the rest of our lives. To read all 14 Ways to Learn the Secret to Happiness, please visit:


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