4 Keys to a Fulfilled Life


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Fulfilled Life Key #1 Have a Great Attitude

This is one of the most powerful keys to possess; it will allow you to virtually unlock any door that you may to open. It will change your perspective and those around you in your everyday life and make a lasting difference. Here are a couple tips to help you in creating a Great Attitude:

  • Be a goodfinder – Find the good in every situation and person regardless of the circumstances, once you train your mind to work like that you will see an amazing difference.
  • Be Honest – In everything you do, be honest – a wise man once said “If you always tell the truth you never have to remember what you’ve said"
  • Be Thankful – Be thankful you woke up this morning some people didn’t
  • Respond instead of React – When any stressful or bad situation occurs most people automatically “react" to the situation with anger, fear, depression or a mixture of all 3. We get into such a bad habit of it, sometimes the smallest thing can set us off. Responding is looking at the situation and decided how you will really handle it emotionally; just taking the time to think before you “react" will make all the difference in the world.

    Fulfilled Life Key #2 Take Action

    “All the genius in the world is useless without action" You can have the best life or business plan and have all the other necessary components to make your situation successful, without action you will accomplish nothing. Here are a few “Action Assassins"; Do you employ any of them?

  • Past Failures – Some people focus so much on their past failures, they suffer from paralysis.
  • Bad Attitude/Lack of Motivation – Being a pessimist will not only cloud your day it will stop you dead in your tracks and kill your motivation.
  • Not Enough Time – Poor time management – doing busy things as opposed to accomplishing goals, wasting precious time lounging or doing tasks that will not get you any closer to your goal.
  • No Direction – Having no action plan because you have not figured out what you want in your life will keep you running in circles.

    Fulfilled Life Key # 3 Overcoming Fear

    Fear of heights, snakes, the dark, public speaking, open spaces, you name it someone out there fears it. We all have some type of all different degrees of seriousness; essentially there are 2 different types of fear. Good Fear and Bad Fear. Good fear is when you get too close to the edge of a building and you jump back because you’re afraid you might fall off. Speeding on a winding road we suddenly realize; one wrong move and we’re off the cliff, so we back off the accelerator. Those are two examples of good fear, fear that we experience from our life being in danger.

    Bad fears on the other hand are fears that stop us from reaching our full potential. Public speaking for example is the number one fear aside from death, for the human race, that’s a bad fear especially if you’re in the field where you need to speak in public. Another good example is; being afraid to ask a question, by not getting the proper information it will really affect the outcome of whatever it is you’re involved in. Taking risks is another good example of bad fear, we have lost so many ideas and great books because the people that could’ve wrote them or invented something knew were too afraid to take a risk and go for it. Identify your fears and if it’s a bad fear, blast right thru it to a better life.

    Fulfilled Life Key # 4 Communication

    We do it everyday – with our spouse’s, family, friends, coworkers and strangers, if you’re not a good communicator you’re in for a rough ride. Here are some tips on becoming an effective communicator:

    Honor & Respect – Listen, I mean really listen when people are talking to you, ask questions and show interest instead of thinking what you will say next. By paying attention and focusing on what the person is saying you are showing them honor and respect, which will always come back to you.

    Understand – Try to see the situation from the other person’s perspective, understanding does not mean that you agree, it just means you understand, ask question to help you understand their situation better. By understanding their side it will be easier to figure out how to handle it.

    Strategy – If you deal with “hard to handle" people everyday, develop a strategy for dealing with them, whether it be asking question about something different when they become ornery or just focusing on something positive. If you handle the same person the same way everyday the conversation will always go the same way.

    David Wrobel is the author of Life Balloon, “45 Little Known Marketing Strategies That Will HAve Your Business Leap Frogging over the Competition" and countless eBooks. " David is also the Editor of Positive Press Newsletter. To get your free lifetime subscription head over to: http:// http://www.wehelpyouachieve.com

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