What is True Wealth? Uncovering the Key to Happiness

Brook Noel

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It's pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness. Poverty an’ wealth have both failed. Kin Hubbard

That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest. Henry David Thoreau

If any of you are lottery players (or tuned into the news this week) you likely heard that the Powerball hit an all-time record jackpot of $365 million. Since Wisconsin is a state where Powerball is played, each time the jackpot hits such a high level, you will hear people finishing this statement, “If I won the lottery, I would . . . . "

Valentine's Day, I was enjoying dinner with two friends and my daughter when our conversation turned to winning the lottery. One of my friends seemed a bit surprised when the other diner and I said that we wouldn't change much about our lives. As we had the discussion, I realized that she and I are in the right spot, doing the right things, and truly living a rich life. I knew this because with all the money in the world, there were very few alterations we would seek. We had found true wealth without money.

What is wealth anyway? True wealth, heart-wealth, can't be connected to money, otherwise it could disappear in an instant. A rich life comes from within. I believe a rich life is composed of self-value and esteem, making a difference, laughter, rewarding connections with others, and commitment to purpose. If I had the opportunity to trade in those qualities for the winning ticket, I wouldn't even consider it. That isn't to say we can't have monetary wealth and heart wealth. Many people have both. But we can't make the mistake of thinking the two are dependent on one another.

If I break down true wealth, I believe it is:

W - Working with passion and commitment on something

you love

E - Esteem in your worth, purpose and value

A - An attitude that keeps a smile on your face, and the

face of others

L - Love for those around you and for yourself

T - Time to engage in your life priorities

H - A heart big enough to give and receive freely

Your Turn: Pause for a moment and think of three times when you were truly happy. They don't have to be the happiest times of your entire life-just times when you were happy. Whenever I do this exercise in a workshop, we all notice a striking similarity among our lists. The happy moments don't revolve around money or hard-to-find experiences. Our happiest moments often revolve around finding joy in simple day-to-day activities such as laughing with a child or dinner with a girlfriend.

Take some this week to think about what wealth means to you. What are three things you can do this week to create more heart-wealth in your life?

Brook Noel is the creator of the best-selling 70 Day Life Makeover Program for Women . . The Change Your Life Challenge. http://www.changeyourlifechallenge.com This program has helped thousands of women take control of their home, finances, relationships, clutter, time-managmenet and more.

She is the author of 19 books and maintains three free newsletters. The Daily Rush is devoted to quick and easy recipes; Good Morning! is a daily newsletter to get your day off to a great start and The Challenge Weekly offers a personal challenge for self-improvement each week. To sign up for these free newsletters please visit http://www.changeyourlifechallenge.com/news.htm


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