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It is quite interesting really. I watch and listen how woman claim verbal abuse because a man has called her the ‘b’ word. Yeah, yeah, yeah. My question is “Were you acting like it? Did you deserve to be called a ‘b’?” Contrary to the popular children’s rhyme, girls are not always ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’ and why would we want to be? That’s no fun.

There are times that women get labeled a ‘b’ just because we stand up for our rights and don’t kowtow to a man’s every wish but then there are times we are labeled a ‘b’ because our hormones are acting up and we are being contrary. Then there are the times women are labeled a ‘b’ because, guess what, we are acting like one. No reasons, no excuses. We are just flat out nasty, contrary, opinionated, stubborn and whatever else. Why? Because we are human. But so what?

And to the male of the species. I’m not letting you off the hook either. Some of you can be total you know what’s too. (Fill whatever insult you want in there) And there is no excuse for it. But that’s life. Get over it, no one’s perfect.

Yes, cruel words from a loved one can hurt and we should be very careful of what we say in the heat of anger. However sometimes the truth does slip out and the truth hurts. There’s no other way to say it.

Now before any one reading this gets the wrong idea, I don’t walk around telling people off. If you are ever in my end of town, I am the short, pudgy brunette with the cane and the purple backpack walking with a Walkman dancing and singing. I am not kidding. I do sort of dance and sing to my music and get all sorts of strange looks. LOL

The funny thing is that I was talking to a friend of my parents who has known since I was about four years old and she said the thing she remembers about me was that I was such a happy child –skipping down the street. I guess not much has changed!

Karen Magill
Author of The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story
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Being Who You Are
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