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Living with a connection, is about living and loving all people, living through your spirit to create a world that is not only pleasant for you, but also for all the relationships and encounters you have.

Here are some questions for you to think about/ or journal down:

When you live your life from a place of love that is deeply rooted inside you, how do you feel?
When others around you live from this place, how does it feel?
What does it look like?
What does it sound like?
What are you doing?
How often is this?
Would you like it to be more often?
What would YOU have to do, to in order for you to live your life like this every day?
How will it look like, smell like, sound like, taste like when you live through your heart, and others all around you do to? What will the connection be like?

To live through this connection that joins every human being together is a powerful and personal experience. There are a number of things that each of us must work on to be fully alive, and present in order to live from this place.

Here is a Guided process to bring you to connection:

Read or practice one spiritual exercise a day
Read some that stretches your mind
Be creative for 15 minutes every day
Be willing to give
Be willing to receive
Focus yourself in what you are doing, with every activity
Commit only to what you can follow through on and write it down
Do not worry yourself over petty and trivial things, get busy instead
Take the first step

Life can be complicated, busy, and very technical at times. We are all connecting through a global community, but none the less we must still connect with each other the best we can. It can be as small as sending someone a handwritten letter, instead of an email or babysitting someone else’s kids while they have a weekend away. What ever you find suits you do it, but don’t stop there, do more that what is required. Say you are sending a letter to your friend, why don’t you send him/her something small to go along with it that’s personal and sentimental to them. This little extra touch does make a huge difference! We need to go out more, meet new people, and connect with who they are. What their hobbies are. How they arrived at their current job. Learn what makes this person unique.

If you want more love, first you must learn to give more love.
If you want to connect with someone, first you must learn about them.

Living your life through spirit also means excepting what you can not change, and changing what you can. Lets say you turn up to a friends party in order to connect with some new people. You are extremely worried and fearful though, about what they may think of you bigger than average feet. You can’t do anything about it, so why not cast that doubt aside and enjoy why you are there. The people there aren’t properly concerned with your feet, they are too busy worrying about themselves! Forget it, and enjoy your human connection.

What can you do this week to connect with someone in your life?

I dare you make that connection! + 64 7 574 5634

Below is a recipe for Sarah Liddle:

2 cups of a Love for Life
2 tablespoons of determination
3 teaspoons of confidence
a dose of personal belief
a dollop of compassion
and a sprinkling of peace.
All mixed together with a burning desire to coach and educate humanity.


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