Smile and the World Smiles with you

Sylvia White

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Have you ever noticed as you walk along the street how grim every one looks.

Where ever you look every one is going about their business with a look of consternation on their face.

Have we forgotten that life is for living and we should make the most of every moment.

Smile and the world smiles with you is an almost forgotten sentiment in this day and age.

I have passed my sell by date and oh how fast this life has past me by, one minute you are young with all the time in the world and in a flash it is past and you wonder how it could have sped by so quickly.

Smiling won't help you stay young but how much pleasanter life would be if people could remember how to smile.

I made the decision one day to smile at every one I passed to just to see their reaction and do you know that every ones face lit up as they smiled back and some even greeted me good morning.

All it takes is one smile and maybe others will take up this almost forgotten art.

Follow my lead and tomorrow when you go out make the decision to smile at every one you pass and see if you get the same reaction I did.before long we might all be smiling again.

In this age of high tech where we we have machines for almost every function in the home and cars to go every where we need to go there should be more time for smiling but it doesn't seem to be the case.

All any one can think of is money, what every thing costs, how to make more money, save time to save money, not that I blame them every thing is geared towards money, everything costs money the clothes we wear the food we eat and the cost of running a car is astronomical.

Do we have anything to smile about?

Gone are the days when mom made the childrens clothes and dad worked in the garden growing vegetables, even the meals people consume are very often ready packaged from the supermarket to save time.

Are these times better than the days gone by ?

Not many people can answer that question as this is all they know but I can answer it and I say no.

I won't call them the good old days as when we look back we always remember the good times, but the slower pace of life was definitely preferable, people had time to stop and chat and a smile was always forthcoming.

I have noticed that smilies are often in evidence on emails and when we chat on a messenger, it seems we are so attuned to the high tech world of computers that smilies are now our only real form of smiling.

Let us light up the world again with a smile, a real smile, it costs nothing, no money needed.

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