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Life has always been a journey, a journey of finding of one true self and happiness. As however destined, all journeys will eventually find its very own destination and it is inevitable that every one of us will eventually have to depart from this world.

Many a times in our life, we have to experience the soreness of actually witnessing the departure of some of our very loved ones. With tears we bid them farewell, to a faraway land they go. Silently they might have left us, but spiritually around, we know they will always be.

Lots and lots of wonderful memories and guidance they have left us with, making this world ever so beautiful. Thinking back now, don’t they just bring you smile again? These beautiful memories certainly deserve to live on and not to fade away slowly from our mind, sadly dying off as we eventually join them in that faraway land. Generations to generations they deserve to pass on down forever.

Memory would be considered the best gift you could ever dedicate to your dearly departed loved ones. Don’t you like to share with your friends and family, all those wonderful memories you have and so dearly cherished? Telling the world how proud you are to have them, as your most dearly loved ones and how you will always remember them? Though they might not longer be with us anymore but deep down within our heart, we know that they will always be with us, staying alive forever…

A dedication of a little memorial specially to your loved ones is always a nice way of remembering them. It could certainly bring about an ever-lasting memory to all those wonderful and nevertheless meaningful stories and guidance that deserve to live on. Putting them down in your most genuine words on a memorial page would definitely be a truthful and meaningful way of commemorating your loved ones.

With today’s Internet, we could even further present it as an online memorial, making it possible to be sharing with friends and family from all around the world. Likewise, to nevertheless be able to also, include photographs of the dearly departed, creating an even ever-lasting memory for all.

Well, you may not be the world best novel writer but your words for your loved ones, will definitely be the most truthful and touching gift ever to be dedicated to them.

Rick Valens
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Monument of Eternal Memory

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The Object Of Love Has To Be Esteemed In Order To Be Loved
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