Dealing with a Loss


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If there is a death of a spouse or breakup in a relationship or marriage its usually going to trigger a different response in every person however it’s usually not a good response. Each person will mourn a loss in different ways. There are five common stages of grieving that a person can go through when dealing with the loss of a relationship.

These stages don’t happen in any particular order and one stage may occur more than once, it just depends on your situation.

1. In Denial

During this stage you undergo the feeling of disbelief and denial. If a relationship has ended and are expecting things to go back to how they used to be, you may be in denial.

2. The feeling of Anger and Resentment

If you are considering ending a relationship it may be due to you no longer getting along or for whatever reason but if you become resentful or angry, it’s a normal reaction. You become angry because the situation may be causing you pain. You may also feel angry if your relationship has ended due to your partner wanting to end it and not yourself.

3. Bargaining

Bargaining is not healthy such as if you are having difficulties in your relationship and you try to persuade your partner to stay by telling them you’ll change, its not going to help.

4. Dealing with Depression

This is the stage where you realize the relationship is over, which can often times make one depressed. Its ok to be depressed for a certain period of time but if you feel as if you cant handle the situation you might want to consider asking for help.

5. Accepting the Situation

Once you have realized the relationship has ended and you are able to move on or forward in life, you have accepted the situation.

If you find yourself suddenly single, her are a few pointers to maintained a balanced life.

Find support for yourself and your children. You may be grieving or done grieving but don’t think that your kids aren’t. They are going to need your support and you are going to have to support them and yourself.

Continue rituals. Your children may feel a sense of abandonment and insecurity at first so make sure to continue normal activities such as celebrating holidays and birthdays. If you used to share holidays with your partners family members, go to your families instead or make it a comfortable setting in your own home. Do anything to keep things normal even if its simply continuing going to the movies or out to dinner on a Saturday night.

Take care of yourself, by nurturing yourself. Make sure you take time to relax, and regain your strength if you have been strongly affected by the loss of your partner. It’s important to maintain a sense of spirituality, emotional and physical well-being. While taking care of yourself be sure to take care of your children as well. Stay healthy by eating healthy, exercising regularly, and maintained a balanced lifestyle. Don’t be upset that you are grieving over the situation, its normal and it takes everyone a different amount of time to recover. For more information please visit .

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