Death and How it Affects the Living

George Lockett

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When we talk about life and death it is necessary for us to question who and what we are? What life is all about and how we interact with each other?

Life is something very subtle within the body. It is the life force, which holds all the different parts of the body together and gives purpose and direction to life. Yet the experience of life is one of being the observer to what is happening in our environment and our body.

We know that we are not the physical body because every cell in the body changes every 7 years, yet the personality within the body stays the same from a small baby to a teenager to an adult.

We are spiritual in nature, you could say the Self is an Angel, who looks through the body and sees and senses the world around us through this vehicle we call our body. I would even go as far as to say that I believe the Angel within the Soul of the person was never born and therefore can never die.

From physics’ point of view I would say the Self is unmanifest, like the vacuum state in quantum physics, which is an eternal continuum - never changing, always the same. That this unmanifest state is connected to the whole universe but at the same time takes on a local quality, which forms the soul of the person. By “Soul” I don’t mean anything separate from the person; it is just a way of talking about them that denotes that they are eternal.

I like to use the analogy of the air in the room. Each room has a different smell to it and different qualities in the air, yet there is no point where the air in one room ends and the air of the next room start: they are joined, yet different.

What I am basically saying is that the soul of the person was never born, i. e. never became manifest in physical form, and therefore can never die. It always was a part of the eternal continuum of life that underlies this physical world and the body which it was looking through, while we refer to the body in normal terms as alive.

So if you have managed to follow my thought this far you can see that the soul of the person is a part of the eternal continuum and after shedding this body may choose to step into the next body and start a new life over again.

As regards the living relatives left behind after a loved one has shed the body. I feel it is up to each one of us to see and react to this event however we choose. There is no right or wrong way to react to the death of a loved one.

All I would like to say on the subject is that the deceased are only a thought away. You may have had the experience of telepathy with a close loved one while they are alive. You may even have had the feeling of their loss, before you were told at what time the death did occur. All I am saying is that we are connected to the ones we love on a soul level and we can communicate with them on a soul level.

I would also like to say it is not what happens in our life or what happens to our loved ones that makes the difference. It is how we react to what happens in our life, which makes all the difference in the world. Each one of us is in control of our reaction: we have the choice to think any thought in any moment.

Therefore you may want to question how you are reacting to the death of a close loved one and see if it is serving you? Is it making any difference to the person who has died? Or would a loving thought felt deep in the heart and sent out to that person have a more constructive effect?

If you allow yourself to connect to the person who has died and send them loving thoughts, you may find that you get a feeling back of that person coming around you. You may feel them as an Angel around you and helping to comfort you in this time of mourning.

Therefore please let go of all the mystery of death, as there is no such thing, only the taking on of a body and then shedding it, which does not affect the dweller within the body one bit, as they stay in the eternal continuum of life all the time.

Please question your belief system around this subject. As some religions celebrate death, like the spiritualists, who have a great belief in the survival of life after death.

Lots of souls are choosing to leave the body at this time. Their work in this lifetime is finished for now but life goes on and they will be back in a new role and in a new dimension to carry on discovering and learning more about life and living and the evolutionary process of ascension.

Message channelled by George Lockett (C) Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved.

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The Metaphysical View of Death and Life After Death Part 4
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