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I Need To Write A Sympathy Letter


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One of the most difficult things in life is to find the proper words to express your sympathy to those in need. Often, as we know, verbal expressions of sympathy to those who have just lost a loved one whether that be a wife, husband, son, daughter, baby, close relative as a sister-in-law, or brother-in-law, or aunts or uncles, or grandparents, or friends are often forgotten in those very early moments of grief. A letter of sympathy or condolence, on the other hand, is something tangible, and long appreciated.

While we probably have offered verbal assistance, or condolences, a letter of sympathy can convey our empathy in more substantial terms. There is something special about committing your concerns, sympathies, and assistance in writing for this expression remains a testimony to your genuine concern.

The letter of sympathy that you write shouldn't be too long (no more than a page), and it could even contain a favorite quote that helps to express your feelings; or you can recount happy events shared, or cherished characteristics, or acts of kindness that were done for you by that person.

The best style is a hand-written note showing the recipient that you are expressing your true condolences in a personal manner. Include your initial expression of sympathy for their loss; add a personal comment about the person who died, for example, a kindness shown to you, the value you placed on their friendship or how much they will be missed by others who knew them. If you offer to help in anyway, make your expression of help real; for example, are you able to speak with them by phone no matter what time of day or night, are you offering to come and be with them over the next few days or weeks, are you willing to assist them in monetary ways until the estate is settled, for example, money for the funeral, flowers for the funeral home. Make sure you include your home phone number, or cell number, and/or email.

Notes of sympathy should also include your full signature that includes your surname so your note is not confused with anyone else's who has the same first name.

Persons in grief often have a number of friends or relatives with them during the first few days of mourning but most of these friends or relatives have to return to their own lives or schedules. A letter of sympathy, however, is there for those grieving to grasp, hold, and re-read as necessary to aid in their comfort, or to know you really mean to help in any way possible, or even to add to their memories of their loved one.

Don't hesitate to write that letter of sympathy. Your expression of sorrow, your commitment to help, and your loving kind words will help those who have unfortunately lost a love so close.

Visit and find a sample letter of sympathy , words of comfort, and condolence messages to assist you in expressing your condolences.


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