Escaping Misery: Freedom in Giving (Part 1)


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Whether you agree or not, the Law of Service affects all of us in our daily lives, even if we’re not aware of it. You may not understand the principles of this law, and you will not learn to use it unless you understand, but if you do, you will be able to release your worst fears of never becoming someone you always felt you must be in order to experience the utter freedom of living from your heart.

When we’re only in the beginning of our grown-up life expedition, we think, act, and even feel in a way that has become our habit over the time of existence. But you could live long, and still be just a beginner on the way in finding yourself because if too many things are being done on autopilot, you can’t see yourself as a part of a one big and very important picture, where the role that you play is vital.

Well, if you’re not moving too fast you could get a tough push from God/hell knows whom, and your entire life will become something unpredictable. It could get painful, and restless, but eventually you’ll understand that even when you were crossing the line and giving away your happiness, you were stepping on the new path that was made for you to walk through.

Maybe it’s because sometimes something must happen to make you understand how important it is to give without conditions. And maybe sometimes you must go through a lot to become someone you were meant to be all along, to be yourself through the purest expression of your soul.

Let me start from afar. There are many bad things happening in this world, truly bad things that could put in the shade all the good, and make you forget about its existence. There are a lot of your personal battles, and it’s your choice-what you’re going to do with them, and even if you don’t win, you still will be a fighter. However, there is something worse than losing, and it’s giving up completely. So what is it that can make you lose your balance, and make you give up on everything you aimed for all your life?

Can you imagine yourself living through the worst and the hardest days of your life? When all you see is pain and suffering, when you’re on the verge of giving up, and when you know that if you truly gave up, everything would be lost forever because you won’t be able to regain your strength or hope ever again.

It might be not really obvious, but If you’re giving up once, I mean truly giving up, you’re giving up forever. I believe that you can actually lose all the battles with one swift movement, with one wrong decision along the way, and in order to fix it back to good again, you've got to be reborn in one way or another. Once you’ve let go of hope, you’ve given away your final desire to struggle, and it’s just the worst thing you could ever do, even if you think that nothing is important anymore.

Being born a baby, could you look down at such a child, pretend for a second that it’s you when you were little, and say, “Today I gave up the last hope for you to ever be happy again, because I thought it doesn’t matter anymore”?

When you give up, you’re accepting your unhappiness. You’re letting the hopes and dreams of your heart be ruined and shattered. Do you think you deserve this? Or do you think it doesn’t matter because nothing seems to change anymore? You may think whatever you wish, but the one thing you missed is that it matters for your soul. Is there any soul on this Earth, or anywhere else, that deserves to be caged for a lifetime in a mind of someone who’s sure that there’s no reason to ever be happy again?

Of all sins, that one seems to be the worst to me because it’s a betrayal to the part of you that was given by God, Spirit, or whatever you wish to call it, and that part is much higher than your mind. For some people it might appear that the mind and soul are not something separate, but in my opinion they are two completely different things. Mind grows all your life, happily or not. It takes in everything you’ve ever gone through. When you’re being told what to do, what to think, when you hear something offensive, or being abused, your mind draws a clearly un-pretty picture of how things are in your life. But is it possible for a soul to dictate how bad or guilty you should feel? Mind is playing games with us, and a soul wouldn’t.

I think that the difference between the mind and the soul shows clearly, when it comes to what we are and who we are. If you’ll ponder on the thought for a while, you’d probably be able to tell the difference. There are a lot of terms describing what you are, but there is no term that could describe who you are. You could experience hundreds of things that drive you mad, angry, or make you sad. You could’ve been told very often, or on a rare occasion, that what you are doing is wrong, or mean, or stupid, and you probably have been asked why you’re doing what you’re doing. Most likely you wanted to scream in their face “Because it’s what I am”.

Digging a little deeper, to understand what makes you be the way you are, you probably should think of the tiny little buttons that, when pushed, could make you act in a certain way. Can you remember some things that have made it impossible for your emotions to stay calm and un-expressed, as if there’s always something that can instantly drive you into a depressed or unhappy state of mind, and vice versa? Well, such buttons exist because you have been building a connection with them all of your life. Others don’t have that connection because they’re in a different state of mind. That’s why it often happens that you are the only one who turns your head and stares, when others are simply keep on passing by.

If only you could connect to the wisdom that your soul gained over the time of existence, you would look at life from a completely different point of view. You’d remember that no matter what happens you won’t be harmed forever, and that the sadness you were forced to live with will disappear one day, as it always does. You shouldn’t forget that you always carry your wisdom with you, even if such things like watching “Simpsons", systematically, covers it from you.

So when it comes to who you are, there are no actual words to describe it because it had never been visible enough to take a good look at it. Other people don’t even realize that you are not only what they think of you, but, most likely, you are not even what you think of yourself. It’s probably confusing, but if we don’t try to realize our true nature, we only stay in the dark, without letting our inner wisdom wash away the worst illusions of reality.

I think that most people in the world don’t realize where all suffering is coming from, though it’s not surprising because their- our-minds are being clouded with troubles and distress most of the time, and it’s really hard to understand what’s going on in the world, or at least to remember that there is another world outside of our minds.

You may feel like the loneliest and unhappiest person in the world, someone who gave up every bit of hope to be someone worthy, someone you dreamed of being all your life. But, at the same time, you might be the one who condemned your soul to stay unrealized, ununderstood, and even forgotten. It probably sounds strange that the soul could be forgotten while we suffer, if, most often, a person begins to pray for everything to be all right, when everything is already bad.

It appears that every time something awful happens, and pain comes into our world, the first thing we do is try to ask some Higher Power to fix it for us. We’re often making promises to be something better, to act differently, if only there could be another chance. Often nothing happens. I think it’s not because we’re not being given second chances, but because we never use them for real. We dismiss them all the time by being too blind to notice the whole world screaming the answers to our questions in the most obvious manners.

Unfortunately, I have a very clear idea of what it’s like to feel trapped in your own mind, in your own unbreakable reality. It’s all true about that it’s-bad-to-give-up thing, and I’m saying it not because it’s just some never-seen-the-light-of-day theory of mine. It’s like a labyrinth you must go through, if you want to come out with a map.

Imagine that there’s a moment in your life when you say good-bye to your happiness forever, just because somebody touched that core in you responsible for your will to fight, and shattered it involuntarily. . .

To Be Continued.

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