Why Career Goal Setting Is Needed For A Successful Career?


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Have you wondered why some people are so successful in their career and others are not? This is so as most people who are unsuccessful in their career, give up their hopes and dreams. These people settle for something lower than their own capabilities. They did not do the things that people who are successful in their career do, which is keeping their focus on their future, and working towards it no matter what happen.

So how did successful people attain their desired profession and achieve career success? The first thing they did was to carry out career goal setting.

To perform career goal setting successfully, start your career desires explicitly and write them down. This provides you with a basic outline to follow when you set your career goals. With your career goals written out, you know your final destination and can steadily work towards it.

Also, when carrying out career goal setting, do not assume that you can achieve your long-term career goals easily and successfully. There is a risk in trying to reach the end without having mid-term and short-term goals along the way. To prevent this potential mistake, always start from the end and work backwards as it provides you with the elements for a successful career. Moreover, seeing it from the end to the beginning gives you a fulfillment that the long term career goals is achievable.

Paul is attending university to become a doctor. His parents persuaded him to have everything that was part of becoming a doctor written out in detailed form. By asking Paul to perform the above steps, they were actually asking him to carry out career goal setting in becoming a doctor. This includes the short-term, mid-term and long-term career goals of his.

Because he knew everything that was covered in going to university, he was able to do better than the average student. He was aware of every element in pursuing the doctor career and this prepared him well for the challenges he faced.

People often think that having a successful career will come easily. However, when reality struck, they become fearful and quit. Being prepared mentally requires you to be disciplined and persistent in order to overcome fears of failure, and thus achieve your career goals. Always expect the best of yourself and do not settle for anything less than what you are capable of achieving.

Remember, in summary, to achieve career success, always carry out career goal setting first. Write out the different elements involved and have a definite plan in mind. This enables you to envision the final outcome. Once that plan is written, take action and start working towards the career goals you have set. Also, do check on how much closer you are to your destination; your long-term career goals.

Vincent Seah is a goal setting expert and publisher of http://www.GoalSettingSuccess.com . He provides more goal setting success help, tips and goal setting software tips you can check out on his website.


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