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Is your life on purpose? Does just the question stop you in your tracks? Have you been so caught up in the pace of our world that you've not even thought lately about whether or not your life is going in the right direction?

Of course, living a life on purpose starts with knowing what your purpose is. Are you crystal clear about what the purpose of your life is? If you aren't sure, then you’ve just identified the place at which you should start a new life of purpose. Start by getting clear about what your purpose is. Don't feel bad if you don’t already have this clarity. In a recent survey of more than 3000 people when asked the question, “What have you to live for?" 94 percent said they had no definite purpose for their lives - 94 percent! That leaves only 6 percent of us who know why we're here. It’s no wonder we're not a particularly happy society.

How can you know if you’ve hit your purposeful stride? The life you lead should be a full expression of your purpose. Those of us on the outside looking in should be able to figure out atleast the broad scope of your purpose just by looking at your actions. The person you are should be a reflection of your purpose.

Knowing your purpose however is really only the start. Many people feel they know their purpose but also realize that their life doesn't reflect it. In other words, they aren't living true to it. When you’re living your purpose your life and the person you are become perfect reflections of it.

The good news is that it's not too late. It is possible to start living on purpose immediately, even before you clearly know your purpose. Because asking yourself, “who am I and what is my life for?" begins to move your life into a new direction. It all starts when you ask the question. Don’t stop with just asking the question. Answer it as well. Then get busy becoming.

"Seek and you will find. Ask and it will be given unto you. "

Make this week really count. Discover and start living your purpose.

Thanks for sitting with me.

Live some. Love some. Learn some. Everyday.

C. . .

Clyde Lee Dennis, a. k. a. “SmoothLee" has been bumping around on the web since 1999 and is a self described “Web Head, and Life long AVID music fan". Smooth Jazz Music in particular. In addition to writing CD Reviews for I Love Smooth he is also the Program Director, and can be heard during his daily radio show which airs on one of the internets most listened to smooth jazz radio stations, Smooth Jazz 24/7


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Purpose and Ambition Healthy Purpose and Heartfelt Ambition
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