A Secret Technique that Entrepreneurs Can Use to Almost GUARANTEE Success!


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If you were to walk up and ask successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs what they did to succeed or fail, most of them would cite some mentor or lack of trait. . . Blame genetics or outside influence. But if you were to ask the exact same group if they used this secret, 99% of successful entrepreneurs would say yes - and almost all of the unsuccessful entrepreneurs would ask what you were talking about. . .

The secret to being a successful entrepreneur is very, very simple. It is called “Quantifiable Goals". It might sound complicated, but when you have finished reading this article you will completely understand what it means - and why it is so important.

Let’s say, for example, that you walk into a room full of entrepreneurs, and ask them to state their goals. To state why they are ultimately in business for themselves. Most of them will respond something along the lines of time or money. But watch them puzzle when you ask them WHY they want to earn money or have that extra time. This is the most essential part of Quantifiable Goals. Any John Doe can say he wants to make money, but why? Is there something in particular he wants to buy? Something he wants to do with that time?

Once you establish WHY you want that extra time or money, you have just taken a big step towards success. You now have a goal. For example, you want that extra money to buy a house. Buying a house is your goal. Now comes the Quantifiable part.

How much are you going to spend on this house? $250,000? $1 million? You need to come up with a dollar amount or time amount, something of quantity, to properly set your goals. That way, once you earn that $250,000 or gain those 3 hours, you have essentially attained your goal.

But waking up one morning and deciding to earn $250,000 doesn't make it happen. So how do you achieve your long-term Quantifiable Goal? By breaking it up into smaller, medium term quantifiable goals.

For the example we have been using, buying a house for $250,000, your medium-term goals would most likely be monetary. You could set goals to complete two projects that would each bring you $125,000, or even 10 projects that would bring you $25,000, or break it down even further.

But what good are these goals anyway? They are still difficult to achieve, and how do you know what to do to achieve these goals?

Well, you break each of your medium-term quantifiable goals into short term goals. For example, if you chose to get two projects with a price tag of $125,000 each, your first goal might be to think of what kinds of projects you can do that would bring that kind of money in for you. Your next goal would be to close the sale on such a project, and then to complete the project, and finally to collect payment. That way, each medium-term goal is broken down into manageable tasks.

At this point, you want to break everything down into a flow chart to help establish your goals. Put your life quantifiable goal at the top on its own piece of paper. Then, put each of your medium-term goals on their own paper in a horizontal line directly beneath your life goal. Then directly below each medium goal, fill a sheet with the short term goals that it will take to achieve each medium term goal.

This method will help you visualize what you are working towards, and how each step is necessary to achieve your dream.

Now you'll want to check off each short term goal as you complete it, completing one sheet at a time. By doing this, you will be able to visually SEE your results progress quickly. Each time you complete a short-term goal, you are one step closer to completing a medium-term goal, which brings you one step closer to completing your life goal.

Now that you know the secret, what are you going to do about it? I suggest following the visualization techniques given, and build yourself a “life pyramid" on a wall that is visible while you are working. Glance at it every so often, and it will keep you on track. Reward yourself when you complete your goals - from the smallest achievement to completing the entire pyramid. It will most likely be the most positive experience in your life to see that pyramid completed - and the construction process of the pyramid itself will set you on the right path.

Cherilyn R. Lester, an entrepreneurial coach with Novus Life & Career Coaching, is both a successful entrepreneur and a successful coach. She can help you through the construction process, guiding you up each tier of your life pyramid, and help you through all the bumps along the way. With her business experience alone, she is an invaluable resource for other entrepreneurs. Novus is currently offering a free 30 minute session, during which you can ask questions, get advice, or just talk about the results of constructing your very own life pyramid. Visit their website to take advantage of this offer at http://novuslife.cjb.net


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The Secret of Successful Entrepreneurs: Getting Started
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