Goal Setting and Goal Getting: 7 Universal Laws for a New Year & New Future

Jeff Herring

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The Law of Can’t

You cannot achieve a goal that you do not have. That sounds so obvious, but we so easily forget it. We have wishes, desires, or dreams, but then don’t turn them into goals. And then we wonder why we don’t make progress toward our wishes, desires, and dreams.

The Law of Dreams

It’s been said that “a goal is a dream with a deadline. ” One of the keys to successfully achieving goals is to have a deadline that other people know about. This will help hold you accountable. And then if you really want to change your life, achieve the goal before the deadline.

The Law of One at a Time

When you are first learning how to set and achieve goals, it’s best to start out with just one. This will allow you to:

focus on one goal at a time avoid getting overwhelmed experience the success of achieving a goal build momentum for the next goals

Remember, we all have to walk before we run. As you strengthen your goal setting muscles, you’ll be ready to add more and work on several at the same time.

The Law of “Too Many”

Mark Victor Hansen, author of “Future Diary” encourages people to have “too many goals. ” Having an abundance of goals encourages our mind to be more and more creative in finding ways to reach all the goals.

The Law of Ink

“The dullest ink is stronger than the sharpest memory. ”

In other words, write your goals down. Commit them to paper. Writing them down means tells your brain that you are serious.

The Law of Slipping

This is where lots of folks begin to lose sight of their goals. No matter how much we want to change something, it’s human nature that we will slip up now and then. The danger when we slip up is to say “Well, I blew. I might as well just give up. ” Wrong. You fell off the horse, brush your self off and get back on it. This leads to. . . . . . . .

The Law of Action

Never leave the place where you set a goal without taking some action toward it. This prevents the number one goal stealer, procrastination from setting in and creates momentum toward your goal.

The Law of Celebration

Remember that one of the most important tasks in life is to enjoy what you have achieved. When you meet a goal, have a goal celebration. Besides having fun, celebration builds momentum to set and get more goals.

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