Reviewing the Journey -How Far Have You Got?


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Finding out how far you have got in your music career is all down to what you want to be and how close you are to reaching that goal.

Is your goal to perform regularly? Is your goal to practice with your band? Is your goal to meet various musicians? Is your goal to learn to play different styles? Do you want to attract regular performances? Do you want to build better audience rapport? Do you want to be more confident?

How you want to be is down to what you believe and what you want. In order to review how far you have got so far, let’s spend a while discovering what you really want from your music…

Please take some time to answer the following questions for yourself. Spend time being specific and detailing your answers.

(1) Why are you a musician?
(2) What do you want to be doing as a musician?
(3) What level do you want to be performing at?
(4) Where do you want to play and perform?
(5) With whom do you want/aspire to play with?

This forms the basis of understanding what you really want to get out of your music career. Now let’s move on to the real stuff – seeing how far you’ve got!

Spend some time answering the following questions.

(1) Up till now, where have you performed?
(2) What measures have you taken up till now to get yourself performances?
(3) What things didn’t seem to go your way?
(4) What setbacks have you experienced?
(5) What understanding have you gained from your past “failures?”

Great stuff! Before we continue on our path of reviewing your journey, there’s one more thing I want to share with you…

“There are no failures”

Yes, that’s right! There are no failures whatsoever and the reason is this: If you do something which you may term as ‘failure’, think back to it and ask yourself if you’ve learned something from it. If you have, it’s definitely going to aid you in your future pursuits, right? And if it’s helped you in your future pursuits, then how is it a failure?

So in order to successfully review your personal music journey, understand that there are no failures and that everything you’ve done successfully or not too well acts as a learning curve in your future attempts. You NEVER fail until you stop trying.

Go back and look at your answers to the first five questions. These are the goals you are out to achieve. Now look at your answers to the next five questions.

How far on a scale of one to ten (10 being your goal achieved) do you think you are from your goal?

Why do you think that you are in your current position? What can you be doing to move forward and closer to your goal? What actions will you now take to move closer to your goal? What are your next steps?

Congratulations, you have now briefly reviewed your journey.

Working with a coach to achieve your goals is one of the best moves you can make. If you would like more information, simply drop me an email at

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Kavit Haria is The Musicians’ Coach. Kavit is the director of InnerRhythm, a company that prides on providing success solutions for musicians worldwide. Kavit sends out a musician development newsletter to over 2000 musicians in 16 countries every fortnight to help them achieve their desired results. Sign up now and experience the huge benefits from


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