How to Affirm and Visualize Your Deepest Desires

Jack Sinclair

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6 Simple Steps To Achieve Your Deepest Desires

It's been a long time since I played soccer. But I have a passion for it. Everyday I would think that I am making the winning goal from every angle of the field. Then I would also imagine that I've won the championship, that I'm also the highest scorer in the game. I would really love to play again, but I'm too busy with my job & other stuffs.

Then the opportunity came when my friends invited me to play. I haven't been practicing, but I'm making better moves than those who have been playing every day.

What made the difference?

Well, that's the power of imagination & visualization. If you want to be a doctor, visualize as one. Act like one. Think of what prognosis you're making, the patient you're seeing, the operation you're handling, and the operating room you're in. Visualize the procedure. Experience the success. Make everything real.

You should also affirm. Believe that you are what you are visualizing. So you want to be a doctor? Tell yourself, “I'm the best doctor in the world. " Don't say to yourself, “I will be the best doctor in the world. "

Affirm strongly. Say “I am, " not “I will, " because “I will" suggests something that will occur only in the future. You have to experience it NOW, not in the future.

You must sink into your subconscious your deepest desire. The subconscious mind can do what the conscious mind cannot. Here's an exercise.

Get a comfortable & quiet place to rest.

Relax your whole body. Command every part of your body to relax starting from your feet up to your head.

Count back slowly from 20 to 1, where in each count you relax deeper & deeper. Upon reaching 1, you are completely relaxed.

Now affirm your deepest desire. If you want to be a doctor, say, " I am the greatest doctor in the world. " As you're saying that, picture yourself to be the best doctor ever, helping every patient you've ever met. You may say “I am now explaining to the medical community my methods" or anything that will affirm what you're conceiving in your mind as of the moment.

After about 10 to 20 minutes of continuous confirmation and visualization, count slowly from 1 to 20. Upon counting, slowly be aware of your surroundings. Feel refreshed and invigorated after doing this exercise.

Repeat this exercise everyday.

What you have just learned is a very powerful technique to greatly enhance the power of visualization & affirmation by imbedding it into the subconscious. What once is nearly impossible to achieve will become easier to reach from now on.

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