Where the Heck Are You Going? Hints for Health, Happiness, and Harmony

Dan Ohler

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Are you achieving your goals as quickly as you’d like?

If not, why not?

Let’s evaluate some natural laws, and find hints to easily and passionately achieve your desired goals.

To create a result, it takes two distinct contributors plus energy. In nature, a doe, a buck, plus energy create a fawn. At a molecular level, hydrogen, oxygen, plus energy create water.

Doesn’t it make sense that it works the same way with your goals?

The two contributors are the thought (goal), the feelings (emotions), and energy (intensity of thoughts and feelings). In other words, the more intense and frequent the thought, and the more intense and frequent the feelings, the quicker the goal is realized.

Years ago, I believed that goal-setting was hoky-poky, airy-fairy stuff. I believed that if I worked reeeeeeeally hard, all would be fine. I’d have what I would need to “just get by, ” and to be “comfortable. ”

I refused to write goals, yet I was mentally setting goals as I planned what I was going to accomplish. I was farming, so it took long-term planning to arrange for seed, fertilizer, bulls, feed supply, mortgage payments, and a bushel of other things (pun intended).

My effectiveness was based upon the intensity and frequency of thought, and the intensity and frequency of feelings. I was excited about each venture, and the goals were achieved.

Now the monkey-wrench!

I was newly married – hmm, some challenges. We had some tough years with poor crops, livestock problems, and poor commodity prices. I was working physically hard for long, long days to “just get by. ” My body was breaking down. Unconsciously, I chose a negative attitude. My thoughts, words, and feelings were negatively charged with intensity – awful-izing, should-izing, and generalizing.

“Things never work out for me!”

“This *&$%# back of mine always hurts! I feel like an old man. ”

Can’t she see that I’m bustin’ my butt around here? I don’t have time for fun things!”

“There’s no way that we can afford a holiday!”

“It’s going to be really tough to make that payment!”

There was physical intensity too. I perma-scowled, stomped, and waved my arms in the air. The words? Ooooh – foul and vehement (a pleasant way to describe them).

Guess what? I realized those goals very quickly. I created exactly what I passionately focussed on.

I finally became aware of what I was doing, and consciously chose to create positive success, rather than negative success.

  • What are you creating in your life?

  • Are your thoughts about the negatives – the “what if’s, ” and “how come’s?”

  • Do you awful-ize, poor-me-itize, should-ize, whine-itize, and blame-icate?

  • Where do you place great intensity of emotions?

    Here are my Hints for Health, Happiness, and Harmony.

    Do not do these unless you are willing to scrutinize your every thought, word, and behaviour.

  • Think deeply about the qualities and traits by which you aspire to live.

  • Think deeply about things that you want to achieve, or create, in your career, relationships, and personal life. Choose goals in each area to maintain balance, otherwise you may focus on one area, and others will be neglected.

  • Think about how you will feel as you achieve your goals.

  • Jot these thoughts down, and create statements using positive, empowering, present tense words about you, your goals, and the feelings. Examples:

    • I am a vibrantly strong, assertive, sensitive man.
    • I passionately and powerfully give four full-fee speaking engagements per month.
    • I am romantic and ecstatic as I luxuriate in weekly dates with my wife Carol (hey folks, make your own – Carol is my wife)
    • I am worthy, deserving, and excitedly accepting an abundance of love and success in all areas of my life.

  • Read your own statements to yourself at least twice a day – morning and evening.

  • After reading each statement, close your eyes, visualize yourself, and feel the emotions as if the statement were true right now. The greater the intensity of the visualizations and feelings; the sooner the goals will be realized.

    You may be thinking, “Ah, come on, Dan. I don’t have time for that. ”

    Then continue to do what you are doing. That is your choice.

    If you are “just getting by, ” “just comfortable, ” or want more out of life, I challenge you to give these hints a whirl. Stretch yourself. Do it for at least 30 days to create a new habit.

    I guarantee that you will ratchet your life forward, and experience greater happiness and success.

    What do you have to lose by trying?

    What do you have to gain?

    Dan Ohler is Thinkin’ Outside The Barn!

    Dan writes and speaks internationally on relationships, happiness, and change. He helps you learn the secrets to create life-long flourishing relationships and abounding success.

    For FREE how-you-can-do-it-too articles, visit http://ThinkinOutsideTheBarn.com/

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