Action Does It! The Essential Key to Goal Achievement

Amy S. Grant

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Even the best laid plans are worthless if you never get off your duff and do anything. You may think there are two kinds of people: planners and doers and the only ones moving forward on anything are the doers. The fact is, it takes some strengths from both sides of the fence to get anything accomplished. Successful people are part planner and part doer.

For example, if you are an excellent planner, but you rarely take action and follow through on your plans, what have you gained? The prettiest action plans don’t amount to much without action itself. On the other hand, the person who charges boldly ahead with no plan of action can end up making reckless mistakes. A little planning goes a long way with action-takers. You may consider yourself to be a natural at either planning or doing, but if you’re not, that’s OK too. The most successful people in history were the ones who held a passion for learning.

The key to success is consistent, focused, massive action. Many people are intimidated by the term “massive. ” However, massive action does not mean that you set a major goal this morning and you’ve completed it by dinner time. Massive action is the cumulative results of millions of seemingly insignificant actions.

In other words, a person doesn’t get obese overnight. It takes massive action-thousands of choices made over time, where the person chooses unhealthy food over healthy food, and chooses not to exercise each day. By the same token, an overweight person does not become trim and healthy overnight either (no matter what the diet ads may tell you). It takes a series of actions and choices, made over time, while maintaining the focus of having a healthy body.

When you can learn to focus like a laser, you will virtually fly through your to-do list. Focus also helps you clean up the chaff in your to-do list. Focus helps you to eliminate tasks that are unnecessary or that do not move you closer to your goals. Incidentally, this method is also a lot more fun. Plowing through your list of tasks and making visible progress towards your goals is always more fun than drowning in a sea of pointless to-do list items.

We were not created to drift in a sea of uncertainty—I believe we were put here to soar like eagles, to inspire each other to great achievements which we barely believe possible. Action does it-action moves us forward into an even greater existence.

Right now, are you thriving or merely surviving? Are you consistently taking focused action that moves you toward your goals? If not, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get busy creating the life of your dreams. So go do something!

Amy Scott Grant is a successful writer, coach and public speaker who has assisted hundreds of people in realizing their dreams by setting powerful, meaningful goals. She has recently released The Success Method and is the creator of


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