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First and foremost, do you have goals? And second of all, do you have those essential reasons behind your goals that make you more driven and say to yourself that you do the very things that inch you toward them? In short, do you have reasons to be serious enough in aspiring and ultimately, reach those objectives? A favorite saying of someone I know is (and I have heard over the past few years), “the solutions or answers are often apparent once you get the questions right. " Anyway, here are a few questions worth considering that may help you accomplish your desired purposes perhaps even sooner than you think.

1. ) Am I even inspired to reach my goals?
2. ) Is what am I doing at this moment moving me toward my goals?
3. ) Am I truly serious about accomplishing my goals or are these goals just something that will be nice to have?
4. ) Does my action or behavior moves me closer or much farther from my objectives?
5. ) Of all the things I can be doing at this moment with my time, is this truly the best and effective thing I could do right now to move me closer to my dreams? Or maybe am I only rationalizing that this is moving me closer to my dreams because I'm unable or not willing to do what I know really needs to be done?

A friendly bit of advice: Do those things that bring you much closer to your desired purposes, and stop doing those things that do not bring you toward your objectives. Okay, some people might react, “well, you think it's that simple, it's not that simple!" alright-are you sure about that? Because it is possibly and really not that complicated as you think. These days, most of the things you should do should move you closer to your dreams. We actually encourage you to ponder on the question, “What will happen if most of what I did or said moved me closer and closer toward my aspirations?" See, no one is suggesting you to be perfect. If you feel you aren't moving as fast as you would like closer to your goals, chances are that there is a very huge gap between your most-of-the-time attitude and your current attitude that the objectives need to reach for them.

Grab the opportunity and take advantage of the fact that in your hands lays your ability to change all that. So. . . what are you waiting for-just change it now! The more reasons you have for attaining your desired purpose, the more likely you are to accomplish things that your dreams require in achieving them. Your dreams are your tangible what. . . and your values are the emotional why behind your dreams. To be perfect is actually not a necessary requirement. Simply get on with the ‘Program’ so you could attain these goals for the reasons that are significant in your life's happiness. Go ahead, enjoy the results and don't forget to have fun along the way.

The author of this article Amy Twain is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Amy recently decided to go public and share her knowledge and experience through her website . You can sign up for her free newsletter and join her coaching program.


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