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Are You Affirming Your Goals Or Resisting Them?


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Do not think of being poor. Go ahead. . . really try.

How'd you do? Trying to not think of being poor maintains the thought of being poor. You tend to manifest, or keep manifesting, whatever you resist.

Now, how does knowing this apply to using affirmations effectively?

One way is to take a look at the wording you're using in your affirmations and see if you can find any “not" thoughts. Look carefully because they can be expressed implicitly as well as explicitly.

For example, to “not be poor" is explicit. It's easy to see that such a statement shows resistance to being poor. However, to “be rich" implies that others will be poor. At least it does for some people. So, the word “rich" can imply “not poor" just as the word “poor" can imply “not rich".

If everyone had the same material possessions, whether they were wood shacks or stucco mansions, Fords or Ferraris, then there would be no rich or poor because, at least materially, we'd all be equal. It is only when there is first a difference in the type and number of things owned (along with perceived value) that we can introduce the concepts of rich and poor.

The words rich and poor, thin and fat, and so forth constitute what can be labelled as dichotomies. One of these things cannot exist without the other. Neither can they exist separately. Therefore, if a person affirms “being rich", then there exist other people who must necessarily be poor, or poorer.

Is it not quite possible that, if you are the one affirming this, subconsciously, you might have a problem with this whole dynamic?

So, here is yet another thing you should be on the lookout for when composing your affirmations: check carefully to see if you have unwittingly incorporated a dichotomous thought or word into it. If you have done so, you will weaken the affirmation considerably because there will be resistance to whatever you are trying to get by using the affirmation. And, whatever you resist, persists.

Remember though, it is the word “rich", not the condition of having many things that implies “poor".

Thomas Lomax is a personal success coach who specializes in helping people get clear about what they really want. Visit his website:


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