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It is All in the Mind

Nancy Kraska

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Several years ago I read a book called the “The Power of Positive Thinking". You have probably heard of it. This is what I learned from that book and applied to my own life and businesses.

How do you define success? Success I have found means many things to many people. It all depends on what on what one is searching for in their life, relationships, or career. To a parent success can mean raising their children to become responsible adults, to a nurse it can mean comforting patients, to a doctor saving a life and yet to some it can mean something as simple as a promotion and/or pay increase. It all depends on what you want out of life and what you are willing to do to achieve your goals. Understanding your goals and the path it will take you to achieve them is the first step towards success.

Every individual has to decide for him or herself what the meaning of success is in their own lives. You should not measure success by someone else's accomplishments or through what society says is success. Success is as individual as DNA.

In order to accomplish success individuals should set realistic goals for his or her life, goals that they can achieve. Make a decision based on what you truly want to offer a desirable or favorable outcome. Measure success as to how close you come to accomplishing your goals based on your skills and abilities, not on someone else's.

The individual “subconscious mind" is an incredible and powerful tool that one has to improve and utilize to its complete capacity to accomplish success.

If you wish to fully understand just how powerful and encouraging your “subconscious mind" can be, understand first that there is no “coincidence" that nothing in your life occurs by chance. Nothing is predestined, you have the power to control you life, to control either your success or failure.

Events and incidents in life can be maneuvered or controlled to solve one's problems. You do have the power to change certain parts of your life that you are not happy with.

Although on cannot at all times acquire what he wants, it is also true that one can use one natural instincts over their lives and cause things to move in a certain direction more often.

Three powerful forces that can help are expectation, belief, and desire. Before anything you wish to happen can occur, you have to have the desire for it to happen, believe deeply that it will happen and expect that it will happen.

The “subconscious mind" generates all things in one's life, you are continuously and regularly sending the mind information and messages and most information sent is useless or it is negative information functioning against you. This is why things never recover regardless of your efforts to make it succeed. If you are not specific and clear regarding what you believe is achievable for yourself, then it will be truly difficult to reach any success level. On a daily basis you need to gain an understanding and knowledge of where you are and what you are doing wrong as well as what you are doing right. You should be ready for changes for the better when and as the change is needed.

One important lesson is that whatever you exhibit in your beliefs, thoughts and actions are sent to the “subconscious mind".

Be careful of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, as they are one of the greatest influences toward achieving your success goals. For instance, if you constantly worry about not having enough money to achieve your goals, then you will never have enough money; if you constantly worry that you don't have the skills needed to accomplish your goals, then you will never accomplish anything; if you are always thinking that the opportunities are not there, then they never will be.

This happens because the “subconscious mind" is constantly working on the information that your have sent and “negative" information will result in “negative" reality.

Once you reach your goal, stop and savor the satisfaction of reaching the goal. No matter what the goal, big or small, it is a success; a beginning of the type of life you have dreamed about.

Nancy Kraska has been involved with internet marketing since September, 2000. For more information visit her directory of Work At Home Ideas and Opportunities at Home Work For You - She is also the owner of a cookbook website at


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