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Self Improvement Through Goal Setting Realizes That Lazy is Truly Not Lazy

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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Do you feel that you are lazy when it comes to achieving your goals? Many individuals believe this to be true about not only themselves, but other as well. What would happen if you changed your perceptions or beliefs about lazy? Could that possibly get you to change your behaviors and lead to greater goal achievement and goal success?

During a recent train the trainer for a large not for profit organization in central Florida that involved leadership through goal setting, I shared this definition of lazy with the participants:

Lazy = emotionally disengagement

So many times individuals believe themselves to be lazy when in all actuality they are not emotionally engaged in the change that they are seeking. There are countless examples of this in our every day lives from eating healthy to making good choices and tough decisions.

Coaching Tip: Include the Y Yours or M Mine as part of your goal setting criteria.

Human beings, as Spock observed in the Star Trek series, are emotional creatures. These emotions have served mankind well and not so well sometimes. However, it is what is.

Looking to your own behaviors specific to your self improvement goals or even business goals, are you truly lazy that being not taking action or are you more emotionally disengaged that being not having the emotional desire to change? My sense is for many the later explanation is the answer for the laziness experienced by so many.

To get off the dime and take action so that you are not lazy then suggests you must emotionalize your goal to change current behaviors and more importantly current beliefs. You can do this by listing all the pluses, reward or gains for securing the goal. Then go one step further and identify all the minuses, consequences or pains for not realizing the goal.

When you begin to emotionalize your desires for taking or not taking action, you will begin to experience the potential gains or pains. These feelings when strong enough will catapult you forward, allowing you to take action and permitting you to leave lazy.

Of course, you may need additional tools such as positive affirmation statements or what I call positive belief statements. For as Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said: Change your thoughts, change your world. In my own words,

Change Your Words, Change Your Results

Business coach Leanne Hoagland-Smith helps to quickly increase profits & increase productivity for individuals & organizations involved in service industries of health care, real estate and regional railroads; distribution industry of new car sales and manufacturing. Process coaching and development works because my clients quickly double their results.

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