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How To Write A Development Plan


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Lots of people today want to become rounded in fields other than their own daily work. Some want to develop the success traits of the millionaires and then they are others who just want to gain more knowledge on a subject of interest, passion, hobby or focus on expanding on previous educational knowledge.

No matter the reason for developing yourself, it would become much easier if you had a written development plan to follow in order to accomplish the goals you set out to achieve.

This written development plan becomes like a road map to keep you on track. Therefore the heart of this article then is to give you a general guide on how to write a development plan.

Get three bank sheets of paper or even better type, out your development plan on your computer following these easy steps:

Step 1: Write out the statement of your intentions. This would be what you intend to accomplish by developing yourself in your chosen area. With this at the head of your development plan you will never lose sight of what you want to accomplish and you will know exactly when you have achieved your goals.

Step 2: Write out what areas you have accomplished so far on your path to developing yourself. This will act like a barrier to keep your focus on what you have not accomplished as yet.

Step 3: Write out the areas you want to cover next; make sure you are not going over those areas that you wrote in step 2 above. Feel free to rewrite things from the second step if you want to refresh your memory on subjects that were done eons ago.

Step 4: Put the dates that you will meet your targets for each area that will be covered in the third step; this will help you focus on your goals.

Step 5: As you meet your goal that you have written in step 3, write next to them completed so you will know if you are applying adequate effort to reaching your targets, by the intended target dates you have laid out for yourself.

I hope this information satisfies your curiosity on how to write a development plan. As you can see it is very simple. Let us review the steps:

  • Write a clear and concise statement of intentions.

  • Write those areas already accomplished up to this point so you will not waist time going over what you already know.

  • Write what subjects/areas of subjects, you want to gain knowledge on or expand your existing knowledge.

  • Write the dates for which you will accomplish each area to be covered.

  • As you accomplish your goals, make a note next to each area that has been covered.

  • Make several copies so you can stick it up in places where you spend lots of time. This will serve as reminders and also motivation.

    Now you know how to write a development plan of your own. I wish you the best of luck on your journey on gaining wisdom. Just put in the necessary effort and you will feel fulfilled when you reach your targets. Start now and write your development plan today.

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