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Balanced Goal Setting Examples - Finding Your Elite Road Or Avenue To Balanced Success

Deb Atkins

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Most often when we see a definition of success, it is more times than not, defined in professional and financial terms. However, if you take a moment to think about it, it would seem obvious that such definitions are incomplete. How many people have climbed to the top of their professions, but lost their family or friends or both in the process? Success must be measured across all areas of life.

There seems to be a trend of people making more money in today's society, however, many people will admit to having little time to cultivate lasting relationships - of any kind.

As incomes have risen in the last 5 decades, the population works harder, live further and further away from relatives, and cultivate fewer friendships. The result is that the general population is less happy and not what they call or feel is successful. There are a few things that can be learn from this.

First, relationships are important and good relationships require your time. There was an interesting study done 2006 study by researchers at Duke University and the University of Arizona. The results of that study revealed that the number of people who say they have no one with whom they can confide or seek advice on important issues more than doubled between 1985 and 2004.

Clearly, one aspect of pursuing success includes pursuing strong and lasting close or heart to heart relationships with men and women alike. That means one must take care to add leisure and relationship time as well and self recuperation rejuvenation time to decompress from the work week and build up your inner man. Your daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly goal setting should include personal and group leisure or relationship time and spiritual renewal as well.

Therefore, it is important that people plan vacations or mini-vacations. These are good for self help or personal improvement excursions also. Be creative in setting your goals in this area. If you can't quite make it to the paradise island perhaps you can find a weekend spa, fitness hike, or lakefront vacation spot.

The next thing someone reading this article may think about that statement above is “vacations cost money". That is also true. It brings us to yet another area where goals need to be set in order to achieve that lifestyle balance.

It is a fact that the increase in average incomes has unfortunately led to an increase in indebtedness within our culture with begs for another area of the measure of success. Many people are content with making money but not keeping, saving or investing it. It is important to make the right priorities and set goals in life to enable yourself to live a balanced life or achieve financial and budget balance to support your overall life balance.

Financial health contributes to overall peace and wellness versus adding another aspect of stress into one's life. This leads into another aspect of success, how's your health? See how it seems to keep going? All of this is the measure of success. It's not one thing but a multi-phased puzzle that must be attended to from all angles.

The way to do or approach something can be thought of a road or an avenue upon which you walk. How you walk down that road makes you like everyone else or allows you to show how unique you are. Choosing a select or elite path of wellness, balance, and fulfillment in what makes lifestyle success not just succeeding at life endurance.

This is by no means a complete list, but it hopefully gets you thinking. Use the goal setting examples provided in this article to create what I like to call your own tailored “AvenueElite method" to life and lifestyle balance. Your true success, wholeness, and happiness depends on it.

Deb Atkins is a creative entrepreneur, artist, and writer who promotes a balanced life vision to include relationship, health, finances, and other areas to support decreased stress and more personal fulfillment of one's dreams life's purpose. Get her goal setting guide from and her free Step-by-Step Guide to Reduce Your Debt, free budget spreadsheet and software when you subscribe at

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