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6 Steps To Goal Setting Success


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Setting your goals for life is like an airline pilot filing a flight plan to a destination he is assigned to go. It is like having a compass that you can constantly look at to stay on course. Without a direct goal you will be moving ahead without knowing where you are heading and do not have a clue when you will arrive there.

Athletes and other sports and business professionals, men and women, and all other top achievers in their fields know how important this goal setting activity is and how effectively it contributes to their results. They do it because it gives them a reason to get there. It also gives them motivation and also forces them to stay focused in getting the best results.

Now, we know why we should set goals for life. But, this could be a humongous task. We must first break it out into short term and long term goals. These two parts once established is like having a file cabinet with drawers where you can mark one draw with one label entitled: “Short Term Goals" and another: “Long Term Goals" wherein you put in the appropriate documents into each one. And, yet another drawer, you will have a monitoring plan to measure your success and progress and you move along to achieve your direct goal of life.

Setting short term and long term goals breaks up what might seem a Herculean task. The goal setting activity becomes more palatable and motivation is heightened thereby relieving mental pressures and the agony to complete one.

The ability to monitor your goals will come as a blessing since you will be able to monitor your progress. You will actually see the progress of your work to achieving your goals for life. This set up will build your self-confidence and entice you to improve your skills to reach the desired result-in a much faster time than of they were not present.

If you have no enthusiasm to achieve a higher level of achievement in life then goals setting may not be for you. Just hanging out and let each day go by will be acceptable. Direct goal setting is for those who really want to make their life in this world meaningful and uplifting and be all they can be.

I assume that you want to be all you can be. The one way to do this is to establish your goal as we have discussed right NOW. Then. . . go for it. Waste no time to get busy to make it happen.

The short term goals could be your list of daily and weekly activities. Your long term goals could be your monthly and yearly activities. Both these short term and long term activities must be captured on a spreadsheet type format and placed in a conspicuous where you can look at it every chance you get to see how you are progressing-the more often the better. You must constantly review these goals and this action will allow them to be imbedded into your subconscious mind. Keep doing this and eventually, before long, you will almost automatically you will be accomplishing these tasks-what may seem like a miracle -that will lead you to your direct goal. Your confidence in what you are doing will be enhanced without a doubt.

Your attitude will be improved toward your goals for life. Your life will become enlightened.
Be sure that your physical and mental health issues are in order by visiting your medical professional to eliminate any problems that may hinder your progress on achieving your goals. A sick body or mind will get in the way of you reaching your goals. Take care of this problem Now. . if you have any medical issues outstanding. Once you have done this, get going on pursuing your goals.

Another important key in achieving your goals is education. Not having enough education will hinder your size of goals you want to reach. So, before you set your goals take this into consideration. Certain goals require specific education levels. Example: to be a lawyer you need to have a certain aptitude for legal pursuits. You need to have a basket of knowledge as a pre-requirement to pursue this. So, develop your goals based on your skills and abilities and education level.

Yet another key is to consider your family considerations and their relevance to your goals setting activities. If they are to benefit and will be part and parcel of your future then you must make the necessary adjustments to include or exclude them from your goals. So, if you are single or a family person, you must include all that is necessary in your direct goal establishment so you are not making any undue sacrifices that may affect all of you.

Again, you must also consider your Personal financial situation which also can affect you goals and whether you will achieve it. Do not set a goal you cannot meet because of your financial obligations. Example; If you are making an income of $20,000.00 you may not be able to buy a home for a $1,000,000.00. if you do with gift money you inherited then you may not be able to shoulder your financial obligations and run into financial difficulty later. So, be realistic, set achievable goals. Besides, if you do not, you will be amazed how personal and financial burdens will cripple your lifestyle and your well being to a point you will become demoralized in life. So,

First: Be healthy. Be in a good frame of mind.

Second: Consider those who will be part of your goal.

Third: Know your financial condition and limitations

Fourth: Develop your goal. Do not overstate your direct goal.

Fifth: Monitor your progress

Sixth: Enjoy the ride to success.

If you follow these 6 steps to setting your goals for life, you will find a very pleasant surprise at the end of the journey.

The author is a Personal Development Counselor, PDC. , and researcher in human behavior and herbal medicine. He has been helping people for over 30 years to maximize their true potential by conducting personal, and family counseling to those in need. He also promotes this service by making information products available on the internet through e-books, DVD's, CD's email courses, etc. You can visit his website at: to learn more about the “Ten Commandments of Self Improvement"


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