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Lifestyles - Creating Your Best Fit

Stefanie Zizzo

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We all want an incredible life and a large part of that is identifying and creating a lifestyle that suits us - finding our “best fit". When embarking on this quest, we start out gung ho, excited about the possibilities for what we want our lives to look and feel like. We create a plan and begin taking action toward the creation of that lifestyle. Everything comes together smoothly and before we know it, we are more fully experiencing life.

Does this sound like fiction or reality to you?

True lifestyle change IS possible when you focus on creating or finding one that fits you instead of trying to fit yourself into one that you think you “should". In September of 2007 I joined a gym - something I vowed I would never do since I thought it was not a “good fit" for me. Well much to my surprise, a gym environment was now a perfect fit for the new lifestyle I had created when I became a business owner. You see, it offers me just the right environment of energy and activity that I was needing since I work from home. It became my home away from home - that place to go for much more than exercise. For me, the gym is a perfect fit because it gives me strength, vitality, variety, energy, connections with others and it fit my schedule perfectly! It was easy to incorporate it into my lifestyle, and it has become such an integral part of it that I would not think of missing a day. This is a true lifestyle change - a true “best fit"

What are some of your “best fit" lifestyle changes?

On the other hand, reality is that sometimes life creeps in and gets in the way of our great plans, disrupting the momentum we have built. Occasionally this happens without us even realizing it until one day we wake up and ask “what happened to my plans?" “How did I get so far off track?" “What happened to the new healthy habits I was engaging in?" Then suddenly you are back to your old comfortable habits that no longer benefit you. To stay with the health example, my lifestyle change with food has not been as easy or effortless as my exercise routine. Sure I started out with a “bang" by joining The Balance Program - an online program of diet and lifestyle assessment, e-coaching sessions with my own dietitian, and an online workbook - a great fit for me since it allowed me to go at my own pace, learn about my body, nutrition, and what kinds of changes are right for me personally. I loved it - yet slowly life got in the way (well rather ice cream, cake, cookies, parties etc got in front of me) and my thoughts went to “well, since I am going to the gym, I could surely eat more of this or that" Then, before I knew it, the scale began creeping up again and I felt that I had lost my way.

When have you gotten off track from your goals and plans?

What I failed to remember though, is that I have made some lasting lifestyle changes with food (protein at each meal to feel fuller, more fruit, whole grains, healthier snacking) and I also have learned what takes me off track (that buffet or party with a variety of selections that compel me try one of everything). When we get off track, away from our “best fit" lifestyle, it can be easy to get back. What's the solution? Awareness to know when you have steered away from your intended path, understanding of your preferred lifestyle to know if this practice is a “best fit", and most importantly, support in either coming back to your path or forging a new one. The Balance Program is a “best fit" for me since it has all of these solutions built in. You have a relationship with you own personal Registered Dietitian through regular e-coaching sessions, she reminds you of the lasting lifestyle changes you have made, helps you see where you veered off your path and shows you how to find your way back.

What is your “best fit", the personal lifestyle you want to create?

Stefanie Zizzo is a Career and Life Transition Coach who helps people take their life in a new direction. People who have stretched themselves to the edge of their comfort zone, who are tired of looking out the window, and are ready to step outside and truly experience a life full of possibility. With 14 years combined experience in career counseling and life coaching, she has helped hundreds of people to focus on what they want in their lives and careers, think and grow beyond their current beliefs and fears, and take purposeful action to make things happen. She offers both individual coaching, live workshops and will soon be publishing a Workbook called The Journey From Comfort to Possibility. For more information, visit


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