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Set Your Goals Right to Have Personal Success


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Right from the time when you were a small child you've heard your parents speak about goals. Why does one need to have a goal? How can one achieve a goal? Can't life remain the way it is without goals? These are just a few points that you've heard about. Now it's time to put all the theories into practice. Most people experience difficulty when it comes to aspiring a goal and for some others the very goal setting process may seem jaw- breaking. If you want to set a goal for yourself, you exactly need to know why you'll need to achieve it and how you are going to do so.

Starting off with goal setting can especially be complicated because at any point of time a person has a number of hopes, wishes and objectives. And zeroing upon a goal means you have to choose the one that demands immediate attention. But at the initial stage this is what you'll need to do if you want to pursue something with a certain sense of discipline. To be on the safer side what you can do is set a goal that has something to do with happiness, success or even motivation. The moment you fix a goal to work on you'll find it easier to achieve.

So what is the basis behind goal setting? Why do people set goals? Simply put, goal setting is another phrase to explain personal planning. Just as you need to nurture your plans dedicatedly, so do you need to nourish your goals. By making the process of goal setting a sequence of action steps, you improve your chances of succeeding. Whenever you set a goal, develop the conviction within you that you will reach your desired outcome. This strong belief of success increases confidence, concentration and is a common trait of high achievers.

So what are the key factors to take note of when setting a goal?

1. Set a definite timeline. Be specific as to when you want to achieve your goals and work within the confines of the time frame till you reach them. A reasonable deadline and a worthy goal to fulfill will drive you to reach your goals faster.

2. Set long and short term goals. While its important to plan for the future and have 5, 10 and 15 years goals, having a series of well planned short term goals to keep you towards your target is as important. As you set each long term goal, create a series of short term goals as milestones to serve as guide posts.

3. Slow and steady wins the race. At any one point of time, it is recommended not to work on more than 5 goals. Over burdening may result in under- achievement. Prioritize and take the necessary action steps to reach goals slowly but steadily.

4. Creating a system to reach your goals. It takes more than just planning to reach your goals. Discipline and massive action are the ultimate keys to your victory. As you discover what needs to be done to reach your goals, create a routine and follow it rigorously to have your goals fulfill. Opt to bring changes to your system of routines only when the situation calls, else it might just delay your achievement.

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