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Visualise Your Way to the Top


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Have you ever wondered why it seems that other people that you know or hear about appear to achieve so much success in everything that they do, while you may dream of success but it always appears to be just out of reach?

As I write this the world's top golfers are playing in the British Open Golf Championship, on the wind and rain swept dunes of Royal Birkdale, the world's top athletes are preparing to meet the greatest challenge of their career at the Olympic Games and almost as a side show the world's top soccer players prepare for the new season ahead with all the challenges that the Premier, or Seria ‘A’ or La Liga may bring. Amateurs may dress for success but professionals prepare for success.

What can these top sports people teach us in our efforts? What is their key to success? In deed what is success?

The magic of success is that no matter if you try to achieve it through a formal goal setting programme or not there is success for all attainable. Now that may sound a very broad-brush stroke attempt to try to appeal to everyone who may be reading this article. There are success factors that if you follow them you will taste success maybe for the first time in your life.

Every professional sports person regardless of their sport try to achieve one thing, every time they go on a golf course, a running track or a football field, it is beyond goal setting theory, they want to better their personal best result. For some that will mean challenging for the top honours in their sport, for others success is being better than their previous best effort. Sounds easy but if you were to beat your personal best effort every time you would be very quickly at the top of your chosen profession fighting for the top honours.

So one of the first lessons you can learn in your quest for success is that you do not need to be the best in order to feel successful you do need to be the best you can be at everything you do.

The second lesson you can learn and the most important lesson, one that guarantees that you will achieve a personal best, is to follow a simple technique in your personal goal setting that is used by all the top sport and business people. Without this technique in spite of months and sometimes years of training and devotion to their sport or business, they would probably not appear on the honours board. That technique is Visualisation.

The technique involves using your imagination to picture yourself in your ideal situation to help you reach a personal goal. Visualisations unique selling point is that it is easy to do.

The magic is that we experience the world using visualisation, when you are asleep, you visualise events in your dreams. When you are talking or reading you picture images (not words) in your mind, as you read this article you cannot prevent your mind building images of golfers, runners, footballers, sports stars of every sport known to you.

If you lack the results you want in life it could be that your visualisation is weak, it is a problem not a solution. You could visualise the worst case scenario instead of the best case.

When your boss asks you to come to his office, do you imagine that you have done something wrong and could be about to lose your job? Do you find yourself imagining being reprimanded rather than receiving a promotion or a pay rise?

Visualisation is about focusing on what you want to happen as opposed to what you wish to leave behind.

In my book, The First Step , through the power of a story I show you how to harness the power of visualisation in your life, and apply it to everything you do so that you can be the very best you that you can ever be regardless of the situation.

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