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How Setting A Timeline For Goals Can Make You More Successful


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One of the best ways to plan for your future is to create a goal timeline. What is a goal timeline? It is a chronological mapping of your goals. It is best to start at the end (the goal) and then work back. Prepare smaller “mini goals" along the way.

Try to be as specific as possible when defining your goals. This will make it much easier to accomplish them. Instead of saying you want to be financially secure or that you want to make more money, be specific. Start by determining how much money you need to make every month.

After tallying your living expenses, if you have determined you need $3,000 per month, you may wish you create a goal a bit higher. Plan to cover yourself for unexpected things that come up. So, specifically, you will want to say something like “I want to earn $4,000 a month".

The other great thing about giving your goals deadlines is that it will help measure your progress and success. You should give your goals timeline dates. Instead, try saying “I want to earn $4,000 a month by January 1st". When that date comes close, look at whether you have to start working harder, or if you are on track. When your magical date happens, you should know whether or not you've reached your goal.

For a double whammy, create goals that will not only help you grow your business, but also help you grow as a person. Growing as a person is just as important as growing your business- it will also help you get farther in growing your business, if you have personal growth as well.

The benefit of reaching goals is that you are more empowered. You are ready to take on more challenges. You will keep creating new goals and get stronger. If you get in a rut, take out your timeline and see where you've come in 6 months or a year.

Reviewing your goals timeline can help you realize how far you've come in achieving success. It will help you focus on the positive, rather than the negative. Try to focus on the positive by giving yourself credit for the good that you've accomplished.

By complimenting yourself and telling yourself daily that you're doing a great job, you will start to believe it and live up to it.

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Goal Setting Guide - 3 Essential Stepping Stones To Setting Effective Goals
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