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Goal Setting Lesson Plans

Alison Stevens

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Setting personal goals is just that - personal, and if someone does not have deep-seated reason for setting his or her goal, their chances of success will be reduced dramatically. A goal setting lesson plan constructs a pathway for self development but formulating the plan correctly ensures you achieve your goals. This is truly a great skill.

Setting achievable goals means breaking a challenging goal into smaller parts, each one more easily achievable than the whole. Like the answer to the riddle, how do you eat an elephant? the answer to achieving your goals is the same - one bite at a time. Achievement of goals is the key to success, be it in business, education, career or personal development.

Successful people find the courage to take action and have a plan in place to help them stay focused on achieving their goals. You may need to change the way you think in order to awaken to your life's purpose. Successful people know that without being a good goal setter, it's hard to rise above mediocrity. You might get by without setting goals but you're far less likely to be successful. Success only happens when you are working for your own well being because doing it for others will almost certainly ensure that you sabotage your own success. The only way to be true to your self is to truly know yourself.

Success comes from failure, and often from frequent failure. Success isn't always guaranteed. If you want to set up your own business for example, but despite all your efforts you can't get enough clients and you're sinking too much money into the venture, you may want to re-think this goal and go into a different type of business. Successful business people continually update and re-prioritize their goals.

Dreaming big has the added benefit of inspiring others to assist you in your pursuit of the goal. If your personal goal setting is too limited you are unlikely to inspire others to help you achieve them. So dream big because the dream precedes the goal. And goals are dreams with an ending! Dreams are frequently quite abstract and if you do restate them into a meaningful vision and achievable goals, you deprive yourself of the ability to pursue the dream. Focus on one goal at a time. Begin with the most urgent or the most meaningful goal. Focus on that task and make it crystal clear. Close your eyes and feel what it will be like when it's achieved.

But also remember that if you don't achieve your goals, that it may be okay. Goals need to be reevaluated as our life changes, so if your goal was to graduate with a degree in chemistry but you've instead decided to become a psychologist, that's okay. However, it is also important to be specific in certain goals so instead of simply saying, “I want to lose weight". Try instead, “I want to lose 15 pounds by Christmas". Answer the questions what, why and how in relation to your goal. What is the goal that you want to achieve, why do you want to achieve it and what will you do to achieve it?

Success won't happen overnight. No matter what those enticing headlines claim, achieving worthwhile goals takes hard work and discipline. Success comes in so many different ways and you need to decide what you consider success and work towards that goal. Success in all facets of your life is obtainable once you know how to set goals.

A goal setting lesson plan is simply setting goals they can be achieved over a period of time - often a lifetime. However, plans mean nothing if you don't set a reasonable time frame for a goal to become reality. You can make plans all you want and set goals, but if you do not a specific date for completion, success will elude you.

Everyone should now recognize that goals are meant to inspire a certain behavior. The belief and the behavior will inevitably lead to success. Hopefully, some of these suggestions will assist you along the path to long term goal achieving success.

Alison Stevens is an online author and maintains The Goal Achiever Website to assist anyone who wants to discover how to set and achieve goals. Find out more about Goal Setting here.


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