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GOALS - Seeking Excitement And Adventure

Charles Burke

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Our world offers a nearly endless variety of experiences. In addition, each person born is a unique individual, with his or her own likes and dislikes, preference and priorities. Putting together these two facts gives us a virtually infinite range of combinations (which the science guys call permutations).

What represents exciting adventure to one person can seem like mind-numbing boredom to the neighbor on her right, and terrifying recklessness to the person on her left. Fortunately, everybody gets to choose their own experience most of the time, so we can each custom-make our own life to suit our personal tastes.

There's nothing wrong with enjoying adventure and excitement. It's a great way to keep zest in your life. But there are two reservations.

First, when you're engaged in exciting pastimes, do you insist on dragging others along who don't enjoy the same things you do? Drag-alongs are cruel. Ask anybody who's ever been a “drag-ee. "

I once dated a girl who loved opera. At that time I was not capable of hearing the beauty and majesty of a great performance. So sitting through a Verdi with her was sheer torture for me. Years later, as my tastes widened and deepened, I was finally able to appreciate the beauty of such things.

Mike, a friend of mine back in high school days, loved to drive fast and get the police to chase him. That's the way he got his kicks. One day (not knowing his taste for thrills) I got in the car with him, and he decided to give me a fun ride.

I was uneasy when the reckless driving started, but when the cops got behind us, I was screaming for him to stop and let me out. Fortunately, he really was an excellent driver. I survived, but I never got back in the car with Mike again.

If you have friends who'll never come back after one “fun experience" with you, that might be a sign that you're dragging along people who are not suited to your kind of fun.

Another problem comes when you're not as skillful as you think you are. Being careless can endanger other people's lives. Drinking, for example, may be fun for you. Okay. But do you drive while drunk? No matter how good a drunk driver you think you are, you're still a drunk driver, and that IS a no-no.

Adventure and excitement are wonderful. They're great. But be sure you don't drag anybody along who doesn't want to be there, and make sure also that you're not putting anybody else in danger.

Otherwise, go have a ball. Life is to be enjoyed.

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