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The 20 Pound Penalty


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Motivation is the building block of every weight loss program known to man or woman. Whether you are on the south beach, Atkins or the master cleanse diet, in order to reach your desired weight you have to stay the course of the weight loss plan. So why do people go on diets in the first place? The reasons vary from living with better health to looking better in a bathing suit. One problem is that people reach their goal and eventually stray from the path. Sometimes they even put on more weight then what they started with. Their have been studies that prove that people who have a partner to help maintain their weight, whether it be a trainer or just their significant other, are more successful in keeping off the excess pounds.

With this understanding, I propose a simple motivational idea to help maintain their ideal weight called the twenty pound penalty. Now the penalty varies between partners and has to be agreed upon in the beginning. For example, ladies imagine your husband gaining twenty pounds and his penalty would be to allow you to spend up to a thousand dollars on the credit card. On the other hand, if the lady gains twenty pounds then she has to throw her husband and friends a football party. A penalty should be just that, a disadvantage or painful consequence of an action or condition.

The rules are this, the ideal weight must be agreed upon. The weight should be achievable or at the very least the person should have been at this weight in the previous five years. Once the weight is agreed upon, then the partners determine an acceptable penalty. Remember that if the trainee's weight reaches the twenty pound mark then the penalty will be enforced. So pick a penalty that you are willing to deal with and may actually have to contend with. Meaning guys, you might want to think twice before suggesting you get a one night stand with someone else if your significant other reaches their twenty pound mark, but the more severe the penalty, the better the motivation.

As always, there are exceptions. For instance, if the trainee is a woman then if she gets pregnant, this is not a breach of the agreement when she reaches her twenty pound mark. The same goes for guys who have an accident like break an arm or leg and are unable to workout. These exceptions should be outlined in the agreement and agreed upon by the partners. There can also be a grace period in which the partners agree upon a time period in which the trainee can get back under the twenty pound mark before the penalty is enforced.

The twenty pound penalty is a motivational tool to keep people healthy and at their ideal weight. It helps to keep the trainee's confidence up and keeps couples attracted to each other. Too many times, people let themselves go and their relationship suffers for it. Eating healthy and regularly working out are great ways to staying healthy, but the problem is, we all need a little push to keep on the fitness path.

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