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Clear Your Path to Success - Identify and Analyze the Obstacles on Your Path

Jodi Rosenberg

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Make a list of all the things you are tolerating, big and small. Examine all areas of your life that intersect with your goals.

"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere. " Frank A. Clark

By identifying and acknowledging the obstacles to your success you are going to be more likely to recognize them when they arise. Put this list in writing or type it out. Get real, what are you tolerating that is standing between you and the achievement of your goals? What is the cause of this? Own up to what you have complete control over. If you are finding it difficult to find quiet time for work that requires focused thought and attention, is it really the fault of your noisy kids or do you need to establish boundaries or change your work environment?

Chances are your tolerations are serving you in some way; identify how each one benefits you? What security do they provide you? What are you avoiding by keeping each toleration? Do you have limiting beliefs that your tolerations reinforce? An example of a limiting belief could be “A single mom can not work full time and establish a thriving business on the side. If she does that her relationship with her kids will suffer. " What would happen if you immediately dumped those self imposed limitations and sought your full potential?

Your tolerations are also costing you; identify the cost to you and the achievement of your goal. In what ways are your tolerations keeping you from the life you want? Are your tolerations allowing you to be the person you want to be? What affect do they have on your ability to achieve your goal? If you identified any limiting beliefs, what are those beliefs costing you? Who would you be if you eliminated the costliest of these tolerations?

The key to creating the life you most desire is not just about eliminating tolerations, but identifying, creating and implementing strategies for your success. What are your personal success strategies? Claim your FREE subscription to Blueprint for Life Success: Strategic Tips to Live By So You'll Feel Happier and More Fulfilled. You will receive weekly tips that will help you create a customized success blueprint as you achieve your most inspiring goals. Enroll today and start identifying, creating and implementing your personal success strategies by sending a blank e-mail to

Jodi Rosenberg is an action-oriented life coach who will assist you in creating your personal success strategies so you can live the life you most desire. Visit Jodi's website at


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