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Risk and Moving Mountains

Jocelyn Soriano

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One thing I've learned in being an auditor is the ability to quickly assess the risks that exists and the possible means by which to eradicate or mitigate them. Give me a situation and in less than five seconds, I can start enumerating the risks involved. Give me 30 seconds and I may even be able to classify those risks according to likelihood of happening or the materiality of the consequences possible. Very handy skill, isn't it? Could save you millions right? Right. Could make you lose millions, right? Right as well!

You ask how that could happen? Here's a simple illustration. If you are to go into a business with only a one percent chance of clicking and you plan on investing your hard earned money all in that basket, you can definitely thank me when I tell you that slim, almost nil percentage of success, and save you from losing all of your money. On the other hand, if you could've actually made it among that one percent who succeed, then you can also blame me for scaring you so much and making you lose such a great opportunity.

But of course, you would never have known that unless you risked it. And had you risked it and profited among that one percent, you'd have been so happy you won't blame anyone anymore. You'd just thank yourself for following your instincts instead of following statistics.

What I'm saying is this: there are very real risks that we should be aware of, but then there are some things which we can make real despite of all the risks involved!

Stated in another way, follow statistics if you want to play it safe, if you just want to take a chance, if you don't have the tenacity and the willpower to push yourself beyond what you've always done and accomplished. If you don't think miracles can't happen anymore, if you find it difficult to follow a different drummer, by all means see the risks before you and get out of their way.

But if you feel deep down in your heart that this is what you really wanted to do, and if you believe you will do everything within your power to reach it, with a burning desire to accomplish all that you have set out to do, if you really believe you can move mountains, then I salute you and give you my utmost respect.

You are one of the few who can make things happen. You belong to that one percent of people the other 99 percent should be wary of. Because if you ever get in their way, the tables of possibilities would've already been turned. Chances are that it is the 99 who would give way for you, for the one who knows definitely, and believes whole heartedly where he is going.

Faith works like that. Faith sees the way despite the many obstacles that others see. Faith is certain. Its voice is calm and sure, confident that the things it perceives will happen and become a reality.

Risks may tell you how difficult a path to be taken will be, but it is only faith that will get you across to where your heart desires to go. No mountain can ever stop you, for by faith even the waters of the sea can be parted, and even the mountains that stand in the way can be moved!

Jocelyn works currently as an auditor, but continues to write and reach for her dreams of writing fulltime and being able to touch and inspire lives through her writing. From her humble beginnings, she was able to work her way through college through her various scholarships, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1996. She has published a book on a screenplay chosen as finalist in a National scriptwriting contest. She loves early mornings, chatting over a cup of coffee, walking along the beach, and singing her heart out with her best buddies.


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