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Resolve To Make 2008 Great! 8 Tips From Your Life Coach Online

Roger Ruzzier

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So how are your resolutions for 2008 going? Have you stuck to them and gunning your way through them, or have you already given up and living in the past again? Let me help and be your Life Coach Online.

FACT: Surveys show that within weeks of the new year 53% of people set themselves up to abandon their New Years Resolutions.

So here's a tip forget resolutions and start thinking action for life! They are not just new years resolutions that last for days or a few weeks, they need to last forever. So whether it's losing weight, getting fit, making more money, changing careers or creating better relationships, we must not let our better intentions slip to the same old self defeating habits.

Instead of focusing on the “New Year" Resolution, we need to focus on the “Whole Years" Resolution. One of the biggest problems here is people suffer from limiting beliefs, such as “Its too hard", “I don't have the time, they money", “I just can't lose weight". Recognize any of these?

So what are you going to do about it. Here we go. . .

Your resolve to resume or commence your ‘whole’ year resolution(s), from your Life Coach Online.

1. Set 1 major goal, and one goal only.

Chances are that if you channel and focus all your energy into one goal you will stick to it rather than trying to juggle to many things at once.

2. Plan ahead.

Set aside some time to plan your first goal and then when you have accomplished that you can go ahead and set other goals.

3. Make a ‘new’ resolution.

Sometimes if you set the same goal year after year, and fail to stick to it, it might be a sign to try something new. Go for something different something you are 100% confident you can achieve. Then as time goes by you will be more equipped to tackle the bigger tasks.

4. Get specific.

What exactly do you want? by exactly what date? Don't forget to use positive language, and write as if you have achieved you resolution, in the present. I. e. its 30th June and I weight 50kg.

5. Why is it important to change?

Incorporate in your goal, why its important to you? and how your going to feel when you achieve success. This is the reason why you will succeed.

6. Get help.

See everything around you and ask yourself, what help, what resources do I need to achieve my goal. I. e. Personal Trainer, husband, family, life coach, gym. This also gives you accountability.

7. Get going.

Take action right now. So write your goal, and take the next step to achieving it. Chunking your goal down to smaller steps will seem much more achievable then having that sometimes overwhelming goal.

8. Reward yourself.

Don't forget to reward yourself with something at every successful milestone, with something that you enjoy doing. This is probably one of the most important steps, so don't forget to treat yourself to celebrate and reinforce your new and successful behaviors.

So folks, there you have your life coach online tips for a prosperous 2008. So what are you waiting for? Start writing that goal today!

My bonus tip for you is never stop believing in yourself, its crucial to your success. For continued information and tips to help you succeed as your Life Coach Online, stop by at , where I have a great gift for you to start getting you on your fast track to success!

Your Life Coach Online @ and

To Your Excess Success!


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Your Commitment to Just Do It Tips From a Life Coach
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