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Being 'Too Busy' Can Cheat You Out of a Fabulous Life


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There are probably many things you'd like to do but simply don't have the time for. You're just too busy to do them!

If you experience this feeling, then it's time to sit down and make a list of everything you currently do and everything you'd like to do but aren't. Why? I'll answer that question in a few minutes.

How to Discover Anyone's Priorities

If you want to know what a person's priorities are, observe what they do, not what they say. Because, whether consciously or unconsciously, what they choose to do is what they consider important at that moment.

Many of us jump from one task to another, simply doing what we feel like. Often, there is no correlation between what is important to us and what we actually do. Examine your own life. Is this true for you?

What Is Truly Important In Your Life?

What changes can you make so that you accomplish the things you wish you could get done? First, it's essential to determine what is important. In other words, what are the priorities in your work and life?

At work, it's imperative to know the priority of assigned tasks and activities, as well as those projects you seek out. If those priorities are clear, then you know what you should be working on and in what order. Not knowing your priorities will result in bouncing around from task to task, an inefficient and ineffective way to work.

The same logic applies to your life's activities and tasks. If you haven't identified what is most important to you, then you won't have priorities to guide your activities.

For example, if your health is important to you but you have not made it a priority in your life, what do think the result is? Poor health of course! Because healthy activities have not been prioritized high enough to make it into the active part of your life, your health suffers.

Get clear on this point. If an area or event in your life is important, then prioritize it high and make it an active part of your life.

Now, the list you made from the first paragraph will make sense. If you have a list of your tasks and activates for both your work and life, then you can prioritize those lists and actively engage in only the most important activities.

The remaining items are not so important and you can let them go. You don't have to feel guilt or loss for the things that are not getting done because the most important things are getting done. Doesn't that feel great?

No More Excuses

A final important thought on the subject of being ‘Too Busy. ’ That phrase is so many times simply an excuse to avoid accountability and responsibility for creating the life you want!

Often it's used as an escape for not spending time learning, developing new competencies, or growing as an employee and person. I see people in decision making positions use it to avoid investing in their people to improve effectiveness and productivity.

Now that you know how to get done the things that are most important to you, please don't use the phrase ‘Too Busy to avoid creating a fabulous work and life!

Joe Farcht is the founder and president of Leadership Advantage, Inc. His purpose for living is to develop and coach leaders, executives, managers, and supervisors to new levels of performance and success in their work and life. He is the author of the book Building Personal Leadership: Inspirational Tools & Techniques for Work & Life. Learn more at Leadership Advantage, Inc Please contact Joe at or at 602 996-1802.


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How to Avoid Your Personal Life By Keeping Busy
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