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Abundance Affirmations - How To Make Abundance Affirmations Work For You?


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Abundance affirmations do work when you obey simple affirmations rules. Remember, affirmations are strong positive statements that you wish to communicate to your subconscious mind. They have to be strong, positive and most importantly, repeated with conviction and faith that you truly desire the results you create.

Here are some simple rules to follow when repeating your abundance affirmations.

Rule #1 To Make Abundance Affirmations Work
The present tense should be used, never the future tense. You need to let your mind think that what you want has happened already. Don’t say your affirmations starting with words like, “I will or I would…” You have to structure your affirmations in the present tense to create and send the message to your subconscious mind that what you want has already happened and it would manifest.

Rule #2 To Make Abundance Affirmations Work
Be optimistic. Being positive is one of the most important factors. Terms that convey the most positivism should be used. Negatives should never be used during affirmations. Focus on the things you want and not on the things that you do not want. It’s surprising how often people unconsciously being to repeat negative affirmations and wonder why are the things are attracted to them.

Rule #3 To Make Abundance Affirmations Work
Have faith. It is important to be convinced that what you want to happen in your life will happen. The more convinced you are the more powerful will be the affirmation.

Follow these simple rules when you repeat your abundance affirmations and you will be reprogramming and priming your mind to attract abundance more rapidly.

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