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Setting Personal Goals


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You can identify a successful person by the company they keep, they mix with others who can give rather than take from their lives, unsuccessful people allow their social circle to keep them at the level of the group. All successful people have a vision of how they want their world; this is the common thread that has been spun down through the ages. Through persistence and perseverance, you can emulate them by developing a vision of your future. Today you are what you are because of all the decisions and actions you have taken in the past, you are the sum result of all of your thoughts to date, you have attracted to your life everything you are so you can apply the same law of attraction in the future by controlling your thoughts, decisions and actions positively.

Although we have made tremendous progress in medicine there is a final frontier to conquer, and it is not space, it is the mind; the workings of the mind are still a mystery to medicine - being able to launch a man into space has still brought us no closer to finding out how the mind works. We think in pictures and play out the picture we see on the screen of our minds eye. The power of the mind to influence the body is beyond question; a negative mental attitude can threaten ones health, and a positive mental attitude will trigger changes within the body that promotes health and healing. If you tell yourself that you can do it, then trust me, you can because nothing is stronger than your will and power of your mind.

Your thoughts are governed by visualization, if I say aeroplane you do not see the word in your mind you see the picture of an aeroplane, we think in pictures not words so this makes it easier for us to visualise what we want in life. The reason why successful people succeed is because they precede their success with successful thoughts about themselves, people who enjoy creative and successful lives think creative and successful thoughts - and then follow up on those thoughts by setting personal goals. If you focus your mind on setting personal goals, you are in a sense preparing your body to perform in a successful manner with successful thoughts every time you read a positive quote or saying.

Dreamers are not achievers. Not strictly true, day dreaming without purpose is what non-achievers do. Think of something you REALLY WANT in your life, describe it in fine detail, if it is a new house, describe the approach, the hallway, the rooms, the furnishings, the view, determine WHY you want this particular house, write out what it would mean to have this house - now go into a quiet room put on some earphones, play some music, preferably Baroque type and let your mind relax then gently allow the pictures of the house to drift into your mind, do not force them.

Everything - starts with a thought, it works that way with any thoughts you have, because thoughts are creative - especially when you energize them through strong feelings and emotion, that's how you ‘get’ what you focus on, this is important to understand because you can never be successful if you focus on what you don’t want or fear will happen. When people focus on what they fear, they unconsciously create what they don't want on an individual, local, national and global scale - this fuels more fear - - and the cycle of “Negative Manifestation” continues.

What do you want to be doing five years from now, running your own business; a senior manager in your organisation; a great parent, etc; regardless of your answer, the key question is, what are you doing now to prepare for it. If you're not preparing for your future today, don't expect to achieve your hopes and dreams in the future, it is unrealistic to expect to get where you want to go without setting personal goals and developing a plan to achieve them.

Fortunately we all have the innate ability within us to create our own future whatever we want it to be, but you must take action today no matter how small.

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