Doubt – Kills Goal Achievement

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

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What do you doubt about yourself?

Do you question your ability to live according to your Higher Self’s purpose? Your ego has been conditioned to question your higher self. It is an altruism that keeps us living our lives based on someone else’s beliefs and values. Life IS fair. Life is fair to those who HAVE NO DOUBT. Or more accurately, Life is fair to those who HAVE NO FEAR.

  • What are your doubts?

  • Do you question your ability to manifest a healthy life?

  • Do you question your ability to have true love?

  • Do you question your ability to have wild success in the vocation of your dreams?

  • How do you limit yourself?

  • What do you fear—failure or success?

    Ironically if you fear success you fear failure and conversely if you fear failure you fear success. In the world of NO DOUBT there is no such thing as ‘failure. ’ People who have NO DOUBT—know that if their effort didn’t product their desired goal they simply take a different approach until they reach their desired goal.

    I promise WITHOUT DOUBT that if you are not succeeding today, there is a self-limiting block within your belief system or the belief system around you that needs to be replaced with a belief system of NO DOUBT or NO FEAR.

    If you doubt or have fear, you hold back, you don’t go for it with all that you have. Those who BELIEVE they can do things, DO THEM. They do them because they have NO DOUBT that they can achieve their goal. So believe YOU CAN! “If You Think You Can—You Can. If You Think You Can’t [doubt] You’re Right!” Author unknown.

    Did you see the movie, Indiana Jones ™. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you rent it and watch it twice—once for enjoyment and the second time to learn how Indiana Jones—a somewhat unlikely person—is highly successful in reaching his goal(s).

    You will recall Indiana Jones is scared of snakes, rolling balls and spikes that kill people, and rats. Few people would disagree with Indiana Jones, many people would add spiders, beetles, scorpions and bats to the list. But these creatures all exist for a good reason. Indiana Joes, in spite of his fears, intentionally went to the places where snakes, rats, spikes, rolling balls, spiders and bats are likely to be. What does Indiana Jones prove to himself by doing what he did?

    He proved his ABILITY to succeed despite all odds and in spite of his FEAR. He didn’t let his FEAR hold him back. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. He had incredible drive to succeed in finding the missing piece of a puzzle. He became a driven sleuth of sorts. Are you driven?

    Indiana Jones is kind, yet rough. He isn’t always right. Notice that he doesn’t need to be right 100% to achieve his goal. Indiana Jones is human—in fact it is his willingness to acknowledge his vulnerability that makes him strong. He acknowledges his vulnerabilities, but doesn’t allow that to stop him from going after his goal.

    Acknowledging your vulnerabilities and not allowing them to stop you from going after your goal(s) is the first step to having NO DOUBT. Think on your feet—thus gathering evidence you can succeed one step at a time. As you succeed one step at a time, you are building common sense, which you can use again and again.

    Any goal can be achieved by reviewing history and using the strategy best suited for the next goal.

    Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Author, International Speaker and Inspirational leader, empowers people to view life's challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.

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