The Power of Thought


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It is time to teach you a bit about the greatest power a human possesses: that is the power of thought. You think your own reality!

When you think about something, thought waves escape from your brain. These waves are similar to those of a transmitter and these waves travel through space and cause a reaction on the universe.

Scientists have already begun to experiment with the power of thought, I read on another web site that an experiment with crystals was made, and it was proven that human thought affected the growth of those crystals.

You must know that just as we have a mind, the entire Universe also has one. The human mind and the cosmic mind exist. The earth is condensed mind. The entire Universe is condensed mind. The waves of the universal mind saturate the infinite space. The very fabric of existence is thought.

The first thing that an architect who designs a house does is to create the project in thought, then he/she projects it on paper as a drawing, lastly the house crystallizes. Thus, everything, every building first existed in the mind. Nothing can exist in the physical or material world in which we live without first having existed in the world of the mind.

It is becoming necessary to for all people to learn how to concentrate and project thoughts with precision. To learn to concentrate, that is to fix your attention on a single thing. When you fix your attention on a task, when you concentrate on that task, you can be certain that your brain emits powerful thought waves that will effect the very substance of the universe.

It is important for you to truly concentrate. To shut out other thoughts that are capable of distracting you. You should learn how to concentrate your mind. You believe that you want to succeed in life and have health, money and love. Most people do. Reflect a little, learn how to handle the force of thought. When you learn how to handle the power of thought you can then proceed to success with certainty. Just as the arrow guided by the hand of the expert archer reaches its target.

Remember that the world is a product of thought. You are what you are because of the thoughts you have had. You can totally change yourself by making use of the power of thought. Each person projects into the world of the cosmic mind what he/she is and what he or she wants to be. The projection of the mind crystallizes the physical and then we have a life that is rich or miserable, happy or wretched. Everything depends on the type of mental projections that we have crystallized.

If the thoughts have been done with sufficient concentration, followed up with actions, the result will be success. Try it today, think of only one thing that you desire, let no other thoughts interfere, and you will see your thoughts turned into reality.

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Ralston Heath is an ordained minister and on a mission to help the rest of the world.


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'Pinging' You With Happiness! - or The Power Of Thought
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