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Creativity - the use of the imagination or original ideas, the production of an artistic work.
That's how the dictionary interpret creativity. Mine is different. Probably not much, but still different. To me, creativity is the ability to choose 1 MOST RATIONAL SOLUTION out of hundreds or thousands other for a problem.

I'm not saying the dictionary is wrong, but I'm saying that creativity isn't limited to scientists, musicians, artists etc. For example, Thomas Edison is creative because he invented the light bulb. But, Mahatma Gandhi is also creative because he found peace without even using violence. See the difference?


Some people are just born with this gift. Others don't. But it will grow on you if you let it. Just remember these 3 words will ya?

Imagination, patience and confidence.

Let me explain briefly how they work. Your imagination is what will find all the answers you need. Add a little information sources (e. g books, articles, newspaper etc) and you'll have every answers at your fingertips. Patience will help you browse through each and one of these answers and analyze it in each and every angle possible. Confidence will help you choose THE BEST answers and make THE BEST decision. Does it make sense now?

These are the key to unlock your creativity. Creative people know about these, only that they're not very conscious of it. Remember these 3 words and you'll find the creative side of you bursting out like mad cows.


Ahmad Zaki is the owner and the author of the fun, mind twisting blog, Wee Juices, Inc. He shows people how to simply use their imagination to make their life happier than before.

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