Cultural Creative Models

Ed Howes

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So you are a Cultural Creative. What should that mean to you? To begin with, it means you have an inkling. You are sure about much of what is not right. You are not very sure of what is. You are beginning to doubt you can fill up that hole where your spirit should be, with busyness, addictions, religion, entertainment, recreation, relationships and competiton. You are looking for your spirit or considering doing so. What is the best approach?

It does not matter what is the best approach. There is no best approach. Go with your existing interests. The real ones. Browse the self improvement sections in the libraries, bookstores and internet article directories. The minute you want to improve yourself, you have begun the work, which usually seems more like play.

From my point of view, I want every person on earth to own a personal copy of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, visit and and read every other Chopra book that strikes your fancy. This is the shortcut to enlightenment. This is a bonafide shortcut to finding and fulfilling your creative purpose and destiny.

You will learn you can now accomplish more good in an hour than you often do in a year. When Deepak publishes his intentions, you only have to behold his words to know he is in continuous fulfilment. He has his spirit in place. He has no hole to fill and he'll glady teach all who have ears to hear.

Don't let his Indian origins deceive you into thinking he only knows things Eastern. He learned about meditation from a second hand book, in America. But that was enough to arouse his curiosity and turn him to the wisdom traditions within his genealogical roots.

I tested His Seven Spiritual Laws of Success with the bible. The two were congruent. The bible says what. Deepak says how. The two books are a set. Each explains the other. One is old, one is now. Deepak is one of the wisest persons living. He is the Ghandi of the Aquarian Age.

Not incidentally, the recently coined term of Cultural Creatives is in truth another name for Aquarians. It is most helpful to see Cultural Creatives as the transitional mechanism between two ages. Examine Deepak with your most critical eye, then relax and do as he does or do as he says and you will save years of stumbling and frustration. You will whistle while you work. I promise. And you shall hear the ring of truth and that ring shall bring you glee.

Ed Howes sought and found. Knocked and entered. Now he sees things differently. To see more of what he sees, please visit


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